Mobile PCR Laboratory

Nucleic Acid Testing speeds up,Heal Force Mobile PCR Laboratory starts to be used.

Mobile PCR Laboratory

According to the requirements of the State Council and the National Health Commission, all CDCs at or above the county and city level, and general hospitals at or above the second level must have Nucleic Acid Testing capabilities within a short period of time. At present, the overseas epidemic situation is still severe, and domestic epidemic prevention and control is still a normalized need. Hospitals, health stations, airports, customs, borders, and cold chain food, import, there is still a large demand for Mobile PCR Laboratories.

Emerge as the times require, Heal Force Mobile PCR Laboratory is put into use

The comprehensive solution of Heal Force PCR Laboratory can be customized according to customer needs, providing a complete set of PCR Laboratory Testing Products. Heal Force Mobile PCR Laboratory has passed the acceptance and been put into use in a well-known hospital in Zhengzhou, Henan.

Mobile PCR Laboratory

The Mobile PCR Laboratory that has been put into use adopts a standard white container body and is mainly equipped with systems such as water, electricity, exhaust air, waste water and exhaust gas discharge, which can prevent the influence of the outdoor environment on the test results. The entire safety cabin is designed with negative pressure airflow, which can prevent aerosols and positive cases from polluting the environment outside the cabin, and protect the personal safety of medical staff.

The Mobile PCR Laboratory conforms to the design standard of “three areas, one room and one corridor” of the National P2+ Laboratory. It is divided into reagent preparation area, sample preparation area, amplification analysis area, and decontamination room. After the test sample enters the laboratory, it has zero contact with the laboratory operators to eliminate the risk of infection and biosafety.

The small container is full of technology inside. The cabin is equipped with biological safety cabinets, amplification instruments, extractors, etc. which are required for the preliminary screening of related new coronavirus clinical specimens. All kinds of professional testing equipments are fully equipped, which can complete the testing tasks efficiently and accurately.

It is reported that the Mobile PCR Laboratory will complete the daily routine testing of new coronavirus specimens in the hospital, and can greatly shorten the reporting cycle of Nucleic Acid Sampling and Testing, so as to better contribute to the epidemic prevention and control work. Relying on testing personnel and automation equipment, the Mobile PCR Laboratory can achieve 24-hour uninterrupted operation during emergencies, and samples can be inspected whenever they arrive, so that the Nucleic Acid Testing capability can be accelerated.

Heal Force provides strong guarantee for Nucleic Acid Testing

The Spring Festival is approaching, and the flow of people has increased. Heal Force Mobile PCR Laboratory has been located in Zhengzhou, which has greatly improved the Nucleic Acid Testing capabilities in this region and made outstanding contributions to assisting the epidemic prevention and testing work.

Heal Force provides a full range of overall solutions for new coronavirus Nucleic Acid Testing laboratory equipments and instruments, including Biological Safety Cabinet, Clean Bench, PCR instrument, CO2 Incubator, High Speed Centrifuge or Low Speed Centrifuge, Water Purification System, Low Temperature Cold Chain Products and many other star products, covering all experimental links including safety protection, sample and reagent processing, sample and reagent storage, disinfection and sterilization, and they are widely recognized and trusted by researchers in universities, enterprises, hospitals and scientific research institutions.

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