As epidemic prevention enters a new stage, long-term and effective nucleic acid detection has become very crucial for the individual cities. As early as July 2020, the National Health Commission of China issued a notice requesting to further accelerate the improvement of Covid-19 detection capabilities of medical facilities, and standardizing the management of nucleic acid detection.

To futher develop nucleic acid detection capabilities in a short period of time, many medical facilities need to carry out building construction and transformation of PCR laboratories. However, reconstruction can be quite time-consuming, PCR laboratories cannot quickly be in placed.

Worldwide, every country is looking for an optimal deployment in case of remote outbreak and crisis situations; while test orders even for asymptomatic individuals could be sent out for processing at an offsite laboratory using high throughput platforms.

Therefore, nucleic acid detection remote platform should be implemented. Recently, a ‘big guy’ has settled down into one of the chinese hospital, that is the Heal Force PCR Laboratory Cabinet! Let’s take a look at it!

The Heal Force PCR Laboratory Cabinet, which was unveiled this time, is assembled through container modularization and equipped with a complete laboratory instrument system. It solves the problem of restrictions on the construction and expansion of major medical facilities, greatly shorten the assembly and installation cycle, and enables performance of nucleic acid detection work even with a temporary location.

Heal Force Biological Safety Cabinet and Low Temperature Refrigerator
PCRs setups within the cabinet
The areas within the cabinet are clearly divided and strictly followed the rules of a laboratory
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