During the days of the COVID-19 pandemic, ICU was so swamped as if they were preparing for the apocalypse. A steep rise in the number of confirmed cases drives all people mad. And the good and tiny environment, therefore, is playing a more important role for doctors and nurses at this time.

Medical Ceiling Pendants

Significance of Medical Ceiling Pendants

The pendant tower is an indispensable gas supply medical equipment in the modern operating room of the hospital. It is mainly used for the terminal transfer of medical gas such as oxygen supply, suction, compressed air, and nitrogen in the operating room. It is controlled by the motor to control the lifting of the equipment platform, which is safe and reliable; the balanced design guarantees the level of the equipment platform and the safety of the equipment; the drive of the motor ensures that the equipment operates quickly and effectively

It makes the environment comfortable, safe, and hygienic, its function is simple and practical, easy to operate. It is the ideal equipment for the operating room, ICU, and emergency room.

Comparison Between ICUs

Compared with the previous environment before, it comes easier to fatally bungle the shutdown.

Without Medical Ceiling Pendants
Without Medical Ceiling Pendants

Armed with Heal Force Medical Ceiling Pendants:

With Heal Force Medical Ceiling Pendants
With Heal Force Medical Ceiling Pendants


  • Built-in 6 rails (install accessories without destructing the structure)
  • The unique connection beams
  • The OR business was established in 1998
  • Self-produced (domestic & abroad), OLYMPUS OEM
  • Certification: ISO13485, CE certification, ISO11197 test

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