After being selected by experts from CAME (CHINA ASSOCIATION OF MEDICAL EQUIPMENT), Heal Force HF-LTPS100A hydrogen peroxide low-temperature plasma sterilizer was included in the outstanding domestic medical equipment catalog.

The CAME is composed of leaders and experts from national medical and health institutions, medical equipment R&D, production and operation enterprises and institutions. It integrates “politics, production, education, research, and use” to improve the service capabilities and levels of medical institutions, which is an academic and technical exchange platform to promote the development of the medical equipment industry.

HF-LTPS100A: Hydrogen Peroxide Low-Temperature Plasma Sterilizer

Low-Temperature Plasma Sterilizer

The selected low-temperature plasma sterilizer this time is one of the star products of the Heal Force operating room product series. Under low temperature (below 60°C) and vacuum, a uniform plasma field is formed in the sterilization chamber through the action of high-frequency electric field. The large amount of ultraviolet rays generated during the plasma formation process can directly destroy the genetic material of microorganisms. The inherent photolysis of ultraviolet rays breaks the chemical bonds of microorganism molecules, and finally generates volatile compounds.

Low-Temperature Plasma Concept

Using hydrogen peroxide as the medium, H₂O₂ is vaporized and injected quantitatively into the sterilization chamber with the help of the mechanical device in the plasma sterilizer. It is excited by specific physical conditions such as vacuum and radiofrequency electromagnetic fields to generate glow discharge to form H₂O₂ plasma to achieve the purpose of sterilization. The final product is a small amount of water vapor and oxygen, non-toxic residues and discharge, no harm to medical staff, and no pollution to the environment.

Large capacity sterilization chamber


  • Environmentally safe, no harm to medical staff, and no pollution to the environment;
  • Fast and productive to improve work efficiency;
  • Ease of use: simple operation and monitoring;
  • Safe and stable to conduct low-temperature sterilization;
  • Easy to install, quick to put into use;


  1. The sterilant features capsule quantitative filling with 3.5ml of single dosage, which can accurately control the dosage to ensure the sterilization effect.
  2. With a large-capacity sterilization warehouse(total volume: 198L); the inner cylinder has a volume of 165L; the capacity area reaches 115L (calculated based on 70% of the inner cylinder area)
  3. Data storage of 10 thousand times; remote sharing; the sterilizer is controlled by a microcomputer and a color touch screen.
  4. Vacuum pumping rate: 16 cubic meters/hour, which is conducive to the discharge of air from small lumens and facilitates sterilization.
  5. The system has a strict automatic detection function, real-time monitoring of the sterilization process, if there is an abnormality, the system will automatically alarm.
  6. With 316L stainless steel cabin; cylinder depth up to 810mm, improving work efficiency, and reducing costs.

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