In order to further enhance the laboratory personnel’s awareness of biosafety responsibility and improve the scientific and normative nature of laboratory biosafety management, Jiangsu Provincial Veterinary Institute held laboratory biosafety training and emergency drills. More than 70 scientific researchers and graduate students from the veterinary institute participated in the training and drills.

Heal Force was invited to assist the training and emergency drill throughout the whole process, and Heal Force Group’s Laboratory Overall Solution provided technical support and guarantee for the drill.

Heal Force Group assists veterinary clinic laboratory emergency drills.

Scientific emergency drills build a biosafety defense line

In order to ensure the smooth development of the activity, Heal Force Group provided the activity party with equipment such as biological safety cabinets, ultra-clean benches, water purification system, CO2 incubators, centrifuges, PCR machines and other equipments and made a detailed plan for the exercise activities in advance.

Mr. Li Yong, Director of Life Science Marketing of Heal Force Group, brought everyone reports on Laboratory Biosafety and Laboratory Biosafety Operation Demonstration, and gave the basic concepts of laboratory biosafety and protection level classification, biosafety experiments design principles and basic requirements are systematically introduced. Mr. Li Yong explained in detail the key points of biosafety protection for laboratory personnel during specific operations, including the wearing of protective equipment, the use of biosafety equipment, emergency treatment of sample leakage and accident reporting procedures.

Afterwards, all the participants conducted emergency drills for biosafety emergencies. Everyone demonstrated the correct order of putting on and taking off protective clothing and the wearing method of protective masks, and simulated the emergency treatment measures at the scene of sample leakage. Through the biosafety accident emergency drill, the laboratory staff’s ability to respond to emergencies has been improved, and the awareness of prevention of biosafety emergencies has been enhanced.

Heal Force Integrated Laboratory Solution——All-round Assistance for Biosafety Protection Upgrades

In recent years, biosecurity related issues have occurred frequently, and biosecurity issues have seriously threatened human health, social development and national security.Our country has promulgated the “Biosafety Law of the People’s Republic of China” to deal with biosafety issues.

As a large-scale instrument manufacturer and supplier in China, Heal Force Group continues to innovate technology, help the laboratory biosafety management work to be implemented, participate in the biosafety training of scientific and technological personnel and researchers in many places, and help improve the level of biosafety management.

Heal Force digital laboratory overall solution is based on the Just Lab intelligent IoT cloud platform, and diversified options include Heal Force biological safety cabinets, CO2 incubators, centrifuges, PCR, water purification system, clean benches, low temperature refrigerators, and other life science laboratory instruments.


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