Nucleic Acid Testing

Recently, many provinces across our country have further implemented the policy of “normalized nucleic acid testing”, unswervingly implemented the general policy of “dynamic clearing”, paid close attention to reducing new growth and preventing rebound, and made every effort to consolidate the results of epidemic prevention and control.

In order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work in many places in Zhejiang, Heal Force Group acted upon the order and rushed to help. On May 6, 50 biological safety cabinets arrived at the Hangzhou City Nucleic Acid Testing Base as soon as possible, building a biological safety defense line and assisting to improve nucleic acid detection capabilities.

The epidemic is an order, and every minute and every second under the epidemic may be related to life and health. In the face of many difficulties such as inter-provincial transportation during the closure and control period, the Group’s emergency support team, efficient deployment, interlocked, and firmly grasped Delivery, transportation, installation, commissioning and other links. In extraordinary times, very challenging, we must deal with extraordinary times! Heal Force Group strictly implemented various epidemic prevention measures of closed-loop management, and delivered 50 biological safety cabinets to the testing base as quickly as possible.

The challenge was urgent, and Heal Force engineers completed the installation of 50 biological safety cabinets in just two days. The renovation of the nucleic acid detection base and the renovation of water and electricity are still in full swing. Heal Force biological safety cabinet is the first batch of laboratory instruments and equipment to be transported and installed. Further equipment debugging will be carried out after the power is turned on in the later stage.

In this war epidemic without gunpowder smoke, two engineers from Heal Force Chen Kaifei and Xu Huafang were not afraid of the risk of infection. Hard work helped Hangzhou to prevent and control the epidemic. Abandoning the “small family” and caring for the “everyone”, sticking to the original intention without complaint or regret, and charging into danger fearlessly. This is our excellent Heal Force engineer, who dares to fight and can fight, defends the land and peace, is the light in our hearts!

At this stage, “nucleic acid testing” is still an important means of “early detection” for epidemic prevention and control. As the backbone of acid testing, urban nucleic acid testing bases play a crucial role in large-scale nucleic acid testing. It is reported that the nucleic acid testing base under construction covers an area of nearly 2,200 square meters. After completion, the daily testing capacity can reach 200,000 tubes. It will play an important role in helping to improve nucleic acid testing capabilities and coping with the “normalized nucleic acid testing” work.

On the front line of the battle against the epidemic, Heal Force Iron Army has accumulated a lot of mature experience in the actual fight against the epidemic in many places across the country, and has been recognized and praised many times. In addition to Hangzhou, Zhejiang has repeatedly assisted the construction of large-scale nucleic acid testing bases in Ningbo, Jinhua, Yiwu, Zhoushan and other places on the battlefield of biological epidemic prevention and control in Zhejiang. They “make fast with fast” and go all out to help prevent and control the epidemic.

Nucleic Acid Testing

Heal Force has a complete nucleic acid detection overall solution. With its strong technical strength and high-quality product after-sales service, the group provides users with a variety of high-quality, cost-effective and high-safety laboratory products. Heal Force’s “Little Penguin” biological safety cabinet series, with complete models and high protection and safety, has become a symbol of “safeguarding safety”, and is favored by the market wherever it goes.

The epidemic is ruthless, but there is love in the world. Under the leadership of Mr. Shen Qinhua, Heal Force Group will continue to help promote the prevention and control of the epidemic, exert the enterprise spirit of perseverance and struggle, make every effort to ensure the production and supply of epidemic prevention equipment, build a strong biosafety defense line for epidemic prevention, and continue to contribute to the victory of epidemic prevention and control.

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