The aging of the population is getting worse. Companies are worried about losing outstanding employees due to health. Schools can only assess their studies and fail to take care of their health. Most patients with chronic diseases lack effective management. Today, when people pay more attention to health, health cabinets have emerged. For the convenience of modern people for self-service physical examination, Heal Force launched the Health Cabinet!

The main body of the health cabin is a self-service physical examination trolley that can perform multiple health-related data tests, and supports sleep assessment, chronic disease assessment, health risk assessment, psychological testing, and vision assessment, and supports uploading collected health data to the cloud Establish personal health management files.

Heal Force Health Cabinet Health-W

Health Cabinet
  • 21.5-inch touch screen host with a 19-inch high-definition display, which can scroll promotional videos or place advertisements. It can test height, body fat, ECG, heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, body temperature, pulse rate, blood sugar, uric acid, cholesterol, and other tests
  • Test items can be flexibly customized according to needs, and support multiple expansions such as B-ultrasound, arteriosclerosis, fetal heart rate monitoring, etc.
  • Support multiple login methods such as passport number, mobile phone number, etc., to quickly create personal files
  • The self-service medical examination mode can be turned on, with voice and electronic graphics, to guide residents to complete file creation and physical examination
  • Health files can be uploaded to the cloud, providing data upload, storage, management, and interface services, and support third-party platform data docking
  • Support mobile APP to check historical reports at any time for long-term monitoring
  • According to the inspection results, integrate statistical data, conduct chronic disease health assessment and guidance

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