Heal Force Bio-Meditech Holdings Co., Ltd has been awarded the 
”Top 10 Outstanding Employer Award for Scientific Laboratory Instruments” for 2020!
Certification of ” Top 10 Outstanding Employer Award for Scientific Laboratory Instruments” for 2020

January 8, it is the beginning of the new year! The “Instrument Information Network” jointed with the “I Want to Measure the Network” together held the first ever human resources award in the scientific lab instrument industry – ” Top 10 Outstanding Employers in Scientific Laboratory Instrument Industry 2020″ has came to an end.

After 4 rounds of heavy screening and fierce competition, Heal Force stands out from other 172 companies, took the award of “Top 10 Outstanding Employers in Scientific Laboratory Instrument Industry” for 2020!

Heal Force Persistently Pursuing its Vision

Employer brand is the cornerstone of a company’s competitive advantage. Talent is an important driving force for the progress and development of enterprises.

The “Top 10 Outstanding Employers in Scientific Laboratory Instrument Industry” is not only the affirmation of thousands of employees at Heal Force, but also would be a great guidance for other lab instrument employers/employees! Heal Force carries the mission of revitalizing the national medical care, stick to our original vision, dream a dream,with our team together to success!

Company Culture, Cultivate A View of Scenery

Heal Force Bio-Meditech Holdings Co., Ltd is a large-scale medical device manufacturers and suppliers in China, and for more than 30 years, Heal Force has been actively involved in its innovation and development of domestic medical and laboratory equipment. Continuously optimize the product portfolio, combine research and development, manufacturing, sales, service as a whole, products sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, focusing on providing customers with perfect medical and laboratory solutions. Products cover digital medical series, laboratory instruments and large Internet of Medical Things series and other fields.

The Future is Vast, The Future is Worth the Wait

Forging an outstanding brand with excellent quality, Heal Force has always aligned with international standards, focusing on the cutting-edge of medical equipment. There is still a long way to go. Heal Force will not slow down its long journey, and will thrive to revitalize the national medical industry. This is also a persistent goal for every Heal Force people! The road ahead is vast, and everything can be expected. Heal Force and you will move forward all the way, and future is worth the wait!

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