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Always care about the health of your parents

Likang Electronic Sphygmomanometer

Blood pressure steward for parents

No matter how busy I am at work, I continue to care about my family

Heal Force

Blood Presure Monitor —— C02L

The C02L electronic sphygmomanometer launched by Heal Force has a voice guidance function, which can remind the measurer to enter a quiet state before the measurement, so as to accurately measure the value, prompt the correct use method during the measurement, and broadcast the high, low pressure and pulse rate values after the measurement. , Caring and convenient, peace of mind for parents.

Voice broadcast of blood pressure measurement results
Convenient for parents to quickly understand their own blood pressure status

Well-designed product shape with modern aesthetics
Leave space behind the sphygmomanometer
Adopt integrated design
Effectively reduce the trouble caused by storage problems

Use exquisite gift box packaging
For parents and family
Intimate and warmer

Heal Force Electronic Sphygmomanometer
Pay attention to the health of parents

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