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The dog days have arrived. With the characteristics of high temperature in summer, high air humidity, and sultry and humid, also make those three days into a high incidence of cardiovascular disease, so we should pay more attention to the health management of blood pressure. Today, Heal Force will show you how to manage your blood pressure healthily.

Blood Pressure Maintenance

  • Pay attention to retain water: Drink a small amount of water in multiple times. It is not recommended to drink a large amount of water at once, because it will cause a transient increase in blood volume, resulting in an increase in blood pressure.
  • Have a light diet: Controlling salt intake is so important for controlling it, especially in patients with salt-sensitive hypertension.
  • Don’t be greedy: Never set the temperature of the air conditioner too low and never rinse the cold water bath with sweat.
  • Never stop medicine casually: During the dog days of summer, it is a period of a high incidence of cardiovascular disease. At this time, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s instructions to control blood pressure, blood lipids, etc. to prevent cardiovascular disease-related risks.
  • Work and rest according to schedule: Have a good sleep and rest when the weather is hot. Adequate sleep is beneficial for controlling blood pressure, especially diastolic blood pressure.

Hypertensive patients have many things to pay attention to in their daily lives. For example, they cannot sit up and get out of bed immediately after getting up early, because it is easy to cause cerebral ischemia and dizziness. It is recommended to prepare a monitor at home. If you feel uncomfortable, just take a test, which can play a preventive role.

The electronic blood pressure monitor C02 introduced by Heal force is a portable butler designed to control the pressure. The data is stored separately. And it is easy to consult the data and accompany you at all times.

blood pressure monitor

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