With the upgrade of Hebei’s epidemic prevention, “News Network” focuses on exploring the secrets of the National Public Testing Laboratory. In the busy laboratory, two familiar “little penguins” are very eye-catching among the many instruments, Heal Force biological safety cabinet is a highlight!

Heal Force Biological Safety Cabinet checks in and appear on CCTV-1 “News Network”!

As a laboratory with a daily test volume of more than 60,000 copies, laboratory techniciancome into contact with a large number of coronavirus samples every day. In such close contact, safety protection is very important. In additionto the use of goggles and protective masks, laboratory technicians will also rely on biological safety cabinets equipment to achieve maximum laboratory safety protection during performing experiments.

Live “News Network” at laboratory scene

In the field of laboratory safety, biological safety cabinets can be described as an indispensable and important laboratory safety protection equipment. As early as April 2020, the “China Anti-epidemic Illustrated Guide” published by People’s Daily has included Heal Force biological safety cabinets as one of the anti-epidemic equipment used in laboratories.

Heal Force Biological Safety Cabinet in “China Anti-epidemic Illustrated Guide”

How does the Biological Safety Cabinets protect the laboratory technician?

When laboratory technicians are conducting virus testing and vaccine development, need to manipulate viruses or infectious materials, the likelihood of getting infected is very high if not properly care for. At this time, the biological safety cabinet comes in handy.

Biological safety cabinet uses negative pressure filtration, filters the outside air into the cabinet forms a clean downdraft to protect the sample. Ambient air flows in one direction from the front window operation port, which protects the operators. At the same time, the air in the cabinet is pumped out to form a negative pressure state. Finally filtered and discharged to protect the environment. To fulfill the requirement of protecting the laboratory technicians and the environment while provide comprehensive protection of the bio samples.

Heal Force HFsafe LC Biosafety Cabinet

During the experiment, Heal Force HFsafe LC series biological safety cabinet provides a clean operating environment within the cabinet. The airflow is filtered by a high-efficiency filter then it is blown to the sample vertically to prevent sample contamination and cross-contamination, while protecting the laboratory technician.

Safe Airflow Mode

Heal Force HFsafe LC cabinet adopts professional design, which can accurately grasp the airflow. The multiple wind speed and airflow sensor can protect samples, personnel, and the environment.

Comfortable Working Environment

Optimized interior space design, moderate light intensity with spacious operating areas, give the operator a better working environment, which is in line with the ergonomic design, reduce fatigue during a long-term operation.

Professional Quality Assurance

Factory performance testing is required in accordance with the YY0569 standard, and each safety cabinet is tested through the ATI leak scanner to ensure efficiency and integrity of the filter.

As a drafter for YY0569-2005/2011, Heal Force was one of the few companies in China that developed and produced biological safety cabinet in the earlier years, and was also one of the companies that produced biological safety cabinet and shared market in Asia. Heal Force focused on nucleic acid testing laboratory needs, and launched a full range of nucleic acid testing laboratory solutions to help fight against the epidemic, which received positive customer satisfaction.

This time, Heal Force biological safety cabinet, as the security equipment of national public testing laboratory, was broadcasted by “News Broadcast” on CCTV-1. It is not only the industry’s affirmation and recognition of Heal Force, but also bring us more support and motivation to focus on the forefront of technology of life science equipments and continue to develop and innovative! Heal Force will live up to its original intention, strive for perfection, and provide customers with more diversified and intelligent solutions!

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