The emergence and development of anesthesia technology have promoted the continuous advancement of surgical technology. Nowadays, most operations are inseparable from the assistance of anesthesia. Anesthesia can not only bring patients a more comfortable operating experience but also provide the doctor with a stable operating environment.

According to the different methods of anesthesia, anesthesia can be divided into inhalation anesthesia and injection anesthesia. Inhalation anesthesia refers to the inhibition of the central nervous system caused by the inhalation of anesthetics through the respiratory tract so that the patient’s consciousness disappears without pain, which is the main way of general anesthesia. Anesthetics are less metabolized and decomposed in the body, and most of them are excreted from the lungs in their original form, so they have the advantages of easy control, safe and effective, and are commonly used in anesthesia induction and maintenance methods.

Anaeston 3000 Anesthesia Machine

anesthesia machine
Anaeston 3000

Anaeston 3000 anesthesia machine features inhalation anesthesia, with a user-friendly interface, modular breathing circuit, accurate flow control, etc., which can help medical staff improve work efficiency and help surgical operations to be safe, comfortable, and efficient.

Humanized Integrated Design

  • Ergonomic design; aluminum alloy frame structure; work starts in 15s, no need to preheat
  • Large work surface and internal volume
  • The integrated cable management device provides power supply for monitors, micro-pumps, and other medical equipment
  • Equipped with high-resolution display to realize multi-information display on the same screen
  • Can be connected to the anesthesia information management system to record various information related to anesthesia throughout the process
  • Provide exclusive pendant model, which can be easily suspended to the medical pendant

Excellent Performance

  • Three waveforms, two respiratory rings are displayed on the same screen, and the waveform types can be customized
  • Electronically controlled PEEP, accurate and maintenance-free
  • Powerful respiratory mechanics display and measurement functions, including pressure waveform, volume waveform, flow rate waveform, pressure-volume loop, pressure flow rate loop, flow rate volume loop, waveform, and respiratory rings can be displayed on the same screen, with dynamic lung compliance monitoring

Safe Flow Control

  • Both the inhalation end and the exhalation end are equipped with differential pressure flow sensors to provide dynamic tidal volume compensation
  • Optional high-precision flow meters for oxygen, nitrous oxide, and air, with backlight display
  • Fully meet the requirements of low-flow and micro-flow anesthesia, with a laughing oxygen linkage device to ensure that the oxygen ratio is not less than 25%

Modular Breathing Circuit

  • Modular loop design and few pipeline connections to avoid pipeline leakage and misconnection;tool-free disassembly, high-temperature resistant, easy to disinfect and maintain
  • High-efficiency double-layer CO2 absorption system; large-volume design
  • Convenient and quick replacement design for soda lime. Equipped with water accumulation device to effectively reduce loop condensation
  • Imported variable-caliber flow sensor ensures accurate transmission of tidal volume

High Precision Evaporation Tank

  • Hang-in design, tool-free disassembly, and assembly, optional dual tank positions
  • With temperature, flow rate, pressure compensation, etc.
  • Built-in interlock device, safe medication
  • Output anesthetics accurately to meet the requirements of low flow and microflow anesthesia

Powerful extensions

With EEG waveform display, and CSM trend chart can be upgraded
With trend graph display

Smart alarm

Intelligent alarm mode
With fault record and review function, massive automatic alarm record

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