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Heal Force helps Hong Kong fight the epidemic——Practice the original intention and take on the mission

Heal Force A3 Pulse Oximeter helps Hong Kong in the fight against the epidemic.——Unite and join hands.

At present, the fifth round of the epidemic in Hong Kong is raging, and the number of new cases continues to rise, which has brought a serious impact on the lives and health of citizens. The extremely severe epidemic situation affects the hearts of the people of the whole country.

The leaders of the Heal Force Group attach great importance to it. As the leader of several medical device companies, the chairman and president of Heal Force Group, Mr. Shen Qinhua, leads all employees to actively prepare for the fight against the epidemic area, and make every effort to ensure the supply of epidemic prevention materials. After receiving the instruction from the mainland to support Hong Kong in urgently dispatching anti-epidemic materials, Heal Force acted immediately and dispatched tens of thousands of Heal Force Pulse Oximeters to Hong Kong by water transportation.

Heal Force joins hands to help fight the epidemic——Technology protects Health

According to the “New Coronavirus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan”, it is pointed out that the blood oxygen saturation of the finger is one of the key conditions for judging severe cases. In the resting state, if the oxygen saturation of the finger is ≤93%, it is judged as severe. Real-time monitoring of blood oxygen saturation is conducive to the detection of patients who become severely at an early stage, and early intervention can be given in a timely manner.


According to the patient’s condition, clarify the nursing focus and do basic nursing well. In critically ill patients, the vital signs and state of consciousness of the patients should be closely observed, with emphasis on monitoring blood oxygen saturation. 24-hour continuous ECG monitoring of critically ill patients, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, SpO2 of patients should be measured every hour, and body temperature is measured and recorded every 4 hours. Reasonable and correct use of venous access, and keep all kinds of pipelines unobstructed and properly fixed. Bedridden patients regularly change their position to prevent pressure injuries. Nursing care of non-invasive mechanical ventilation, invasive mechanical ventilation, artificial airway, prone position ventilation, sedation and analgesia, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation diagnosis and treatment should be done according to nursing standards. Pay special attention to patient oral care and fluid intake and output management, and prevent aspiration in patients with invasive mechanical ventilation. Awake patients should be assessed their mental state in a timely manner and given good psychological care.

In the process of fighting against the new coronavirus infection, monitoring blood oxygen is very necessary. Using Heal Force Pulse Oximeter, you can effectively monitor blood oxygen indicators anytime, anywhere, find abnormal indicators in real time, and seize the good opportunity for treatment in time!

Affected by the epidemic, the global market has a huge demand for fingertip pulse oximeters. Heal Force pulse oximeter urgently dispatched to Hong Kong this time has passed the strict inspection and supervision of the State Food and Drug Administration, and has obtained the second-class medical device registration certification.

pulse oximeter

Heal Force pulse oximeter is easy to operate, small and portable, and can measure quickly. It can help you understand the health status of yourself and your family anytime, anywhere. Once the blood oxygen level continues to drop, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.

Heal Force A3 Pulse Oximeter——Technology protects health

The pulse oximeter A3 has six core advantages: multi-parameter monitoring, limit alarm, 5-second test to output the value, four-way rotation, intelligent power saving and internationally recognized certificates.It can monitor your health for quite a long time including your PI,PR and SpO2.Measurement range lies in 35%-99% and the measurement accuracy is between 90%~99% ±1%. All the functions aims to give you a better experience.


1、Multi-Color TFT Display, four display modes, have big-font display, digital display and
plethysmogram display.
2、Change directions manually according to patient observe needs.
3、When the parameter is abnormal, the display color will be changed automatically.
4、Low power consumption, 50 hours continuous to work.
5、It has the function of Perfusion Index to better get the pulse oxygen perfusion;
6、When the battery voltage is too low, which may affect the normal use, there will be a low
voltage warning indication in the visual window;
7、 Automatic power off when no signals for 8s
8、 Small and light weight, convenient to carry.

Blood oxygen monitoring is very crucial. Adult SpO2≥95%, quarantine period: monitor every four hours.

Heal Force reminds you to always detect blood oxygen content and pay attention to blood oxygen health.

Competence and responsibility——Heal Force is always by your side to fight against the epidemic

Do not forget the original intention, stand together through thick and thin, and fight against the epidemic with one heart. Heal Force Group will pay close attention to the needs of Hong Kong’s epidemic prevention and control, actively fulfill our social responsibilities, cooperate with related work, and fully support Hong Kong to fight against the epidemic! We will join hands with medical institutions and disease prevention and control departments to protect people’s lives and health, and continue to make contribution to fighting against the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic!

Anti-epidemic first, people’s livelihood first! With the joint support of all forces in the whole society, Hong Kong will surely be able to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible!

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