In recent years, with the rapid development of molecular biology technology, research and application in related fields have achieved more results. Among them, the birth and evolution of PCR technology is undoubtedly a more important part. The instrument that assists this key technical means is the most common gene amplification instrument in our laboratory. The GM-05 gene amplification instrument launched by our company has been widely praised by many users. Here is an introduction to this instrument.

Gene Amplification Instrument


· Large touch screen operating system design

Gene Amplification Instrument

7-inch colour LCD display, touch screen operation, convenient and fast. The GM-05 gene amplification instrument is equipped with the Windows CE operating system, familiar interface, simple and quick editing. And it can support user experiment appointment setting, alarm clock reminder function and TM value calculation.

Gene Amplification Instrument

· Powerful program storage and processing capabilities

Host built-in program storage capacity: 2000-can be connected to an external U disk, mouse, printer, etc. And it is equipped with USB2.0, Rs232, RJ45 communication interfaces.

Gene Amplification Instrument

· Original “handle-type” module design

Multi-module optional, strong versatility-gold-plated/silver-plated module is optional, high heat conduction efficiency, more efficient experiment. It has “handle-type” design, users can quickly replace modules and maintain themselves convenient and low cost.

Gene Amplification Instrument

· Unique thermal lid design

The adjustable thermal cover design can ensure that the thermal cover and the test tube are in full contact with the appropriate pressure, suitable for all types of test tubes.

· Hot cover can be positioned at any angle


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