On December 18, 2020, Heal Force FXQ4H infant radiant warmer was unveiled in the Guangxi Autonomous Region-level continuing medical education project “Major Neonatology Diagnosis and Treatment Progress Study Class”.

The main purpose of this class is to provide medical institutions at all levels with the progress in the diagnosis and treatment of key neonatal diseases and to improve the level of critically ill neonatal treatment and neonatal resuscitation skills of medical staff. In this resuscitation skills competition, FXQ4H has an eye-catching performance. With its advanced, easy-to-use, safe, and other features, it is unique among many medical devices and has become a good clinical helper for major medical staff.

FXQ4H is used to simulate real care scenarios

FXQ4H Infant Radiant Warmer

Infant Radiant Warmer

FXQ4H infant radiant warmer is a radiation-type neonatal rescue station with an integrated lifting mechanism with double-sided blue light therapy exclusively developed on the market. It is suitable for the NICU intensive care area with many connected catheters, requiring rapid yellow fading, frequent care, and rescue. The unique software safety guarantee can prevent newborns from overheating. Equipped with a gas spring tilt device and a streamlined base bracket, it does not affect the clinical station during rescue and improves the clinical user experience.

Double-sided Blu-ray function

With manual mode and skin temperature mode, the FXQ4H neonatal radiation rescue station can enhance the clinical experience. The unique blue light does not affect the surrounding patients and the clinic. The configured lifting function of the whole machine brings great convenience to the examination and clinical care and rescue of critically ill patients and is suitable for use in the intensive care unit.

In LDR, the infant radiant warmer can realize the same room for mothers and babies, which plays the function of the rescue stations during rescue and jaundice treatment. The blue light can be easily shielded and does not affect the mother and clinical users. The non-forced natural treatment and blue light on the streamlined radiation head can reduce the movement and displacement of the child at ease.

Comfortable fit

Based on the concept of “user first”, the radiant warmer features an ergonomic design, noise-free heating radiant head and closed blue light, providing quiet treatment for children, and giving medical staff a spacious space for daily physical therapy. The use, replacement, and maintenance of the warmer controller and sensor module are convenient and fast, safe, and reliable.

Efficient temperature regulation

The rescue station can provide a temperature setting range suitable for newborns to protect the safety of children and prevent cold stress or heat stress. Quartz heater elements and hole-shaped radiating fins are used to uniformly heat the entire bed area, keeping the child’s body warm and comfortable, and providing a comfortable and warm experience.

Features of FXQ4H


• Quartz heating material with far infrared design, does not harm the retina of children;
• Dual-channel CPU & dual sensors & analog protection mechanism, triple safety guarantee;
• Pass 0709 standard, three-level sound-light alarm;

Ease of Use

• Streamlined ABS heating head design, easy to rotate, beautiful and generous;
• X streamlined chassis design, easy to clean
• Lockable gas spring bed tilt mechanism, easy tilt positioning;


•Unique trinity 48-item factory quality inspection system to improve product quality control;
• Strict electrical component procurement system ensures safe and stable work;

Technical features

• It has the trinity of preheating mode, manual mode and skin temperature mode;
• The heating body is made of silicon carbide far infrared heating material;
• Streamlined ABS heating head design;
• The horizontal angle of the heating head is adjustable;
• Large bed surface, easy to operate;
• Lockable gas spring bed tilt mechanism;
• The crib is equipped with an X-ray film box;
• Double tray, infant infusion stand configuration;
• APGAR score timing display;
• X streamlined chassis design;
• Standard configuration of the whole machine lifting function;

One of the keys to newborn care is to focus on reducing the irritation to newborns, and to provide doubled humanized care and comfortable “microenvironment” for babies. At present, FXQ4 series radiation rescue station has been widely used in many departments such as neonatology, obstetrics and gynecology, and has become a well-known “star product” in the industry.

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