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As the 83rd CMEF is drawing closer, the list of ‘CMEF 2020 Top Ten Must-See First Aid Products’ is released recently where FXQ4H neonatal radiant warmer of Heal Force is being on the top ten.

On October 19-22, 2020, Heal Force will participate in the 83rd Autumn CMEF China International Medical Equipment Expo held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center with the theme of “Innovative Technology, Smart Leading the Future”. Looking forward to your arrival!

FXQ4H is a neonatal radiant warmer with an integrated lifting mechanism with double-sided blue light therapy exclusively developed on the market. It is suitable for low-weight children who have many connected catheters and need jaundice treating, frequent care in the NICU intensive care area. The safety guarantee of the unique software prevents newborns from overheating. The gas spring tilting device and streamlined base bracket will not affect the clinical station during rescue and bring a new clinical experience.

Exclusive double-sided blue light

The clinical experience is improved under the unique safety protection of manual mode and skin temperature mode. The unique lower blue light design does not affect surrounding patients and clinics during treatment, which is suitable for use in intensive care units. The configured lift of the whole machine brings great convenience to the examination and clinical care and rescue of critically ill patients. At the same time, the mother and baby can be in the same LDR (LABOUR DELIVERY AND RECOVER ROOM) where rescue and jaundice treatment are ensured. In addition, the upper blue light under the streamlined radiant head can provide jaundice treatment benefits for newborns everywhere, more importantly it reduces the movement and displacement care of children, giving them non-compulsive natural treatment.

Comfortable and fit: ease of use

As a company that puts user experience first, Heal Force pays great attention to ergonomics. The noise-free heating radiant head and closed blue light provide the quietest care for children. Ample space is given to the medical staff to contact the newborn for daily physical therapy. The use, replacement and maintenance of all control devices and sensor modules are very convenient, safe and effective.

Excellent temperature regulation:

FXQ4H provides better temperature setting range for newborns, which not only protects the safety of children, but also prevents critical cold or heat stress problems. FXQ4H’s quartz heater elements and hole-shaped heat sinks bring even heat to the entire bed area and are safe to touch. Therefore, no matter where the medical staff put the baby in the rescue table, it will feel comfortable and warm. The thermally conductive gel mattresses and light-transmitting comfortable mattresses available on the market always keep babies warm and comfortable.

Features of FXQ4H Neonatal Radiant Warmer

Neonatal Radiant Warmer
Neonatal Radiant Warmer


• Quartz heating material: far infrared does not damage the retina of children
• Dual-channel CPU & dual sensors & analog protection mechanism, triple safety guarantee
• The first domestic company to pass the 0709 standard with three-level sound and light alarm

Ease of use

• Streamlined ABS heating head design, easy to rotate, beautiful and generous
• X streamlined chassis design, easy to clean
• Lockable gas spring bed tilt mechanism for easy tilt positioning


• Unique Trinity 48-item quality factory inspection system
• Strict procurement system for electrical components

Technical Parameters of FXQ4H:

• With preheating mode, manual mode, skin temperature mode
• The heating body is made of silicon carbide far infrared heating material
• Streamlined ABS heating head design
• The horizontal angle of the heating head is adjustable
• Large bed surface, easy to operate
• Use lockable gas spring bed tilt mechanism
• The crib is equipped with an X-ray film box
• Double tray, baby infusion stand
• APGAR score timing display
• X streamlined chassis design
• Standard configuration of the whole machine lifting

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