Both the ambient temperature and the newborns’ temperature are of great importance. The neutral ambient temperature of newborns varies with their weight and age. The lower the gestational age and weight, the higher the neutral temperature required for babies. Therefore, an appropriate neutral temperature is very critical.

The FXQ4B radiant warmers for newborn infants from Heal Force provides an appropriate neutral temperature for newborns and protects them through the warm winter.

FXQ4B Radiant Warmer

radiant warmer

FXQ4B radiant warmer is equipped with a jaundice treatment device with comprehensive functions. The temperature can be adjusted manually, which is conducive to the warmth and quick rewarming of newborns. The large bed surface design is convenient for medical staff to observe and care for the newborn. Heal Force radiant warmer is designed with a lockable gas spring bed, a double tray, and a baby infusion stand, providing multi-dimensional heartwarming care for newborns.


ABS material lightweight radiation head

LED blue light on both sides;
Avoid prolonged sagging of radiation head;
Not easy to accumulate dust, easier to clean

Unique manual mode prompt

There will be a prompt every 5 minutes when using manual mode. When the power is greater than 50%, it will automatically drop to 50% to protect the child from overheating.

Analog skin temperature probe falling off protection mechanism

In skin temperature mode, if the skin temperature sensor is not placed in the newborn’s liver area or within the radiation range, the device will automatically determine it and reduce the power to 30-40% after 4 minutes to prevent the child from overheating.

Lockable gas spring bed tilt

One-handed operation, smoother inclination, stepless adjustment, up to 15 degrees, can bear 40KG weight

Safety Design

  • Unique three-level alarm function
  • Innovative chord tone design, the alarm sound transmission distance can reach more than 8 meters, and reduce the impact of the alarm on the baby (the waveband has no damage to the baby)
  • Unique dual-channel safety system: the function of eliminating hidden dangers of misoperation can still guarantee the safety of the equipment, even when the sensor is normal but not in the correct position
  • Unique 40% power constant temperature design; automatic constant temperature mode to replace the traditional power-off mode during ordinary alarms to ensure that the child is always in a reasonable temperature zone, which is more human-oriented than the traditional radiant warmer alarm processing

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