Heal Force has more than 20 years of history. Over the years, we have accumulated many glorious moments, many honors and cultures, many laughs, and tears… To present Heal Force’s most complete side to all employees and visiting guests, the group started the expansion project of the exhibition hall.

On May 18, 2015, Heal Force exhibition hall expansion project which lasted more than four months came to a perfect conclusion. The new showroom has expanded its display area while achieving an upgrade of its visual identity, reflecting Heal Force’s cultural characteristics, and incorporating many new products of the group.

 exhibition hall

Different Areas of the Exhibition Hall

  • Operating Room Area
exhibition hall
  • Infection Control Area
exhibition hall
  • Perinatal Area
  • Rehabilitation Area
  • Anesthesia Area
  • Patient Monitor Area
  • Life Science Instrument Area
  • Homecare Area

The new exhibition hall can not only display products and introduce functions, but also provide academic and technical exchange opportunities for different customer groups, doctors, and scholars. With the completion of the new exhibition hall, Heal Force products have been systematically sorted out and presented in a comprehensive manner. A sporadic product panorama is slowly unfolding in front of every employee from Heal Force and our visiting guests, so that they can easily, quickly, and systematically understand the full picture of Heal Force products.

Heal Force leads you to a healthier life~

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