Heal Force X960

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  The x960 Real-Time PCR system gives you greater control of your experiment data. It delivers reliability, sensitivity, and accuracy, which is optimized to enable the broadest range of quantitative PCR applications.  By monitoring reactions during the exponential amplification phase of the reaction, user can determine the initial quantity of the target with great precision without involving post-PCR analysis such as gel electrophoresis and image analysis

Operation system

Developed upon Linux operation system, and equipped with A8 CPU for better control  experience


Compatible with 96-well plate, 12-well strip tubes, 8-well strip tubes

High quality peliter plates ensure amplification efficiency

Standard gold-plating promotes heat conduction performance

Humanization desgin

Advanced programming function like gradient and touch-down

The machine can be connected with PC through WIFI or LAN

Software allows you to manage and monitor several X960s from your computer

Low noise, low energy consumption, long life-span


Independent software analysis module can be used for a variety of applications including absolute/relative quantification, melting curve(dissociation curve), etc

With integrated powerful visualization tools, the date is analyzed on machine directly

Intuitive software design enables easy experiment setup and an interactive system allows you to get result faster

Hardware design

LED light source and high resolution CCD(Long life, frequency band acceptance, easy replacement, high cost performance, synchronous high-throughput detection, short detection time)

The optical system automatically collects data from all wells during data acquisition at the same time

Operation system

Developed upon Linux operation system, and equipped with A8 CPU for better control  experience

Temperature control

Up to 5°C maximum ramp rate saves your valuable time dramatically

Two independent temperature control mode-block and tube, maximize control flexibility

Excellent temperature uniformity limits the variation between wells, ensuring the accuracy of low copy sample

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