Electronic sphygmomanometers are the most commonly used auxiliary tools for self-measurement of blood pressure in hospital departments and families. Wrong measurement methods not only cause errors in blood pressure values but also affect the time, dosage, and compliance of patients with hypertension. We have compiled 4 precautions for the measurement and related knowledge of electronic sphygmomanometer for reference.

4 Points to Ensure the Accuracy of Blood Pressure

The preparation, posture, sitting posture, cuff specifications, and other requirements before measurement are the same as those of a desktop mercury sphygmomanometer. However, the blood pressure measurement of an electronic sphygmomanometer has some special features. Attention should be paid to.

  • Position of the cuff –The cuff also takes into account the function of blocking blood vessels and signal sensing. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right cuff and properly store the cuff. The cuff should be placed two centimeters away from the elbow joint during measurement.
  • Try to avoid physical activity–Movement of the body during measurement will seriously affect the accuracy and repeatability of blood pressure values. Any interference will affect the signal collection. In addition to hand movements, passive movements such as ambulance vibrations and bed movement may also affect the accuracy of blood pressure readings.
  • Environmental noise–Environmental noises such as ambulance moving signals are sometimes greater than the physiological pulse signals that need to be detected, causing measurement errors. Fortunately, current electronic sphygmomanometers have soundproofing settings, which can reduce the interference of environmental noise to a certain extent.
  • Other diseases that will affect the measured value–Diabetes, renal failure, pre-eclampsia, peripheral vascular disease, etc. may also affect the accuracy of electronic sphygmomanometers due to changes in vascular performance. In order to further solve such problems, it is necessary to optimize the system program based on the measurement data of a large number of patients to obtain a more reliable calculation method.

But which one should we choose between electronic sphygmomanometer and mercury sphygmomanometer?

Guidelines for the prevention and treatment of hypertension in China: It is recommended to use a proven upper-arm medical electronic sphygmomanometer. Mercury sphygmomanometers will be phased out; although the auscultation method of blood pressure measurement has been used clinically for more than 100 years, the environmental pollution problem of mercury will Withdraw from the stage of history (the mercury thermometer will disappear with it); in fact, compared to mercury sphygmomanometers, electronic sphygmomanometers are not only convenient to use, but also reduce environmental pollution.

So, how about Heal Force Electronic Sphygmomanometer ?

Heal Force Electronic Sphygmomanometer C02

Electronic Sphygmomanometers


  • Original storage design with convenient storage: Won the German “F Design Award
  • The data is accurate: Through triple filtering calculations, it can intercept more effective pulse waveform, multiple feature quantity analysis and comparison to obtain the true value
  • Measuring comfortably: Slowly and uniformly pressurize. Give up quickly after reaching a high-pressure value
  • Lithium battery charging: equipped with 18650 battery, TYPE C original charging
electronic sphygmomanometer

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