The operating table is one of the common medical products during the operation. It mainly supports the patient’s body, adjusts the operation position, and fully exposes the operation field, serving an important role in various surgical operations such as orthopedics and orthopedics.

With the advancement of technology, the early artificially driven operating bed gradually changed to electric drive and then liberated the medical staff because of its cumbersome operation, lack of convenience and flexibility, so that it can be completed various operations smoothly under convenient and comfortable conditions.

For some difficult operations, the long operation time is not only a big challenge for doctors, but also easily affects the patient’s body under anesthesia, which may cause pressure sores. Our operating table series follows the ergonomic design, effectively dispersing the pressure of patients and reducing the occurrence of bedsores.

Human-Machine Relationship of Medical Equipment
Human-Machine Relationship of Medical Equipment

Medical device products are special closely related to human life. A good human-machine interface design should be conducted from the perspective of patients and medical staff to conduct comprehensive research to achieve a clever balance, improve work efficiency, reduce the possibility of medical accidents, and achieve true safety, comfort, and efficiency.

HFease400 Operating Table

Operating Table

The HFease 400 comprehensive operating table is carefully built to meet the needs of clinical surgery and is one of the components of the integrated solution of Heal Force operating room.

Smooth, Stable, and Reliable

The imported hydraulic system is used to centrally control the lifting of the operating table, its left and right tilt, and the folding of the backboard, capable of completing various surgical positions stably and safely with low operating noise.

Eccentric Design Structure

The head and leg plates are interchangeable, which can add more space for C-arm imaging in heart surgery, orthopedics, ERCP, and other operations that often require X-ray imaging to meet the needs of intraoperative imaging.

Memory foam mattress to reduce the occurrence of pressure sores

The detachable memory foam mattress and the unique support structure design can be naturally shaped according to the patient’s body temperature, effectively helping the patient disperse pressure, reducing the occurrence of bedsores, and alleviating the muscle fatigue and pain caused by long-term anesthesia.

Friendly Human-Machine Operation

The hand-held wire controller can touch the keyboard instantaneously, and can continuously press keys to complete various expected positions, and has an automatic key lock function to prevent misoperation. Optional foot pedal control for minimally invasive surgery, ear, nose, and throat, and plastic surgery.

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