The current global demand of COVID-19 vaccine has reached 12-15 billion. As the successful development of COVID-19 vaccine on a large scale this year, its implementation is inevitably facing a huge test on the vaccine cold chain storage, transportation and handling globally. COVID-19 vaccines with an ultra-low temperature cold chain profile pose several challenges for many countries and remote areas.

Specially, in many developing countries, the technologies are sparse, it is an inflection point for these countries to invest and increase in their cold chain abilities. Like the Pfizer-bioNTech COVID-19 vaccine currently has the most difficult storage requirement of any other vaccines, with a recommended temperature of minus 70 degrees Celsius, which has raised concerns that it won’t be a realistic fit for a rollout in most African cities. However, reported by that Africa CDC is acting to purchase more ultra-cold storage freezers to increase the cold chain capacity in order to cope with the demand of COVID-19 vaccine. 

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By understanding about vaccine cold chain, we know that it involves with a set of strict rules to ensure vaccine transportation within proper temperature handled by distributors from manufacturer to facilities. It is a shared responsibility amount manufacturers, distributors, public health staff, and health care providers to ensure vaccine quality and maintaining the cold chain for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Vaccine distribution in each country generally uses urban-centered approach from central cities national/provincial, region, to health facility. Each level has a different emphasis on vaccine circulation tasks.

  • The national level focuses on centralized storage and distribution to various regions.
  • The regional area generally focuses on the management of regional vaccine storage.
  • The distribution of community hospitals and part of the inoculation work.
  • The health facility as the final stage is responsible for the limited amount of storage and inoculation of vaccines covering the community and outrage service to remote areas.

According to the distribution, Heal Force provide vaccine cold chain storage solution as illustrated below.

vaccine cold chain storage solution

Heal Force Vaccine Cold Chain Storage Solutions

The latest COVID-19 vaccines, like Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen and Chinese vaccine Sinopharm vaccines which require cold chain storage and handling. According to each specific requirement, we have organized solutions for you to effectively manage COVID-19 vaccine through the entire vaccine cold chain storage!

ConditionVaccine Temperature RangePfizerModernaJanssenSinopharm
Ultra-cold-80º C and -60º C
(-112º F and -76º F)
until the expiration date~~~
Frozen-25°C and -15°C
(-13°F to 5°F)
up to 2weeksuntil the expiration date~~
Refrigerated2º C and 8º C
(36º F and 46º F)
up to five days
(120 hours)
for up to 30daysuntil the expiration dateuntil the expiration date
Different Vaccine Temperature Requirements

-86℃ Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

As a main vaccine cold chain storage solution for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, Heal Force ultra low temperature freezer ranges feature:

  • 7-inch touch screen operation, visual monitoring of its statues.
  • Two models can be choose from: one is our latest version with dual backup system means double the protection to make sure the freezer is still working on a desired temperature when system failure, another is the energy saving option saving you up to 50% of energy while maintaining at -70°C.
  • Different volume specifications to suit different capacity demand.
  • Accurate microcomputer temperature control specifically designed as a pharmaceutical-grade vaccine storage unit to safely store vaccine at as low as -86°C.
  • Fan-forced air circulation with powerful cooling system promoting uniform temperature and fast temperature recovery from out-of range temperature.
  • Secure door lock system to prevent unnecessary opening which affects the temperature in the unit also exposes vaccine to light and reduce potency of the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Multi-alarm setting to allow immediate reflection of out-of-temperature incidents.

There are much more functions that will help you manage the COVID-19 cold chain storage more efficiently. Make sure to contact us to find out more.

-25℃ and-40℃ Freezer

This range of -25℃~ and 40℃ freezers are the perfect vaccine cold chain storage solution for Moderna vaccine. It features 7 different volume specifications(58L/188L/340L/408L/588L/728L/838L), button operated and self-cascade system, making it a highly cost-effective choice with utmost stability and durability.

· HFLTP-40 Series -40℃ Deep Freezer

· HFLTP-25 Series -25℃ Deep Freezer

2~8℃ Pharmacy Refrigerators

This type of refrigerator is ideal to use as a vaccine cold chain storage solution for Janssen and SInopharm vaccines that required 2℃~8℃ temperature range.

  • Reliable control system inside temperature 2-8℃ and accuracy 0.1℃ 
  • Air-forced cooling system ensure frost-free cabinet 
  • Color spray steel plate inner chamber for friendly using and easy clean
  • Service-free drainage system ensure no water in the cabinet
  • Error protection control: the cooling system stores presets that enable continuous working with normal settings during system failure.

· HFLTP-05 Series 2~8℃ Pharmacy Refrigerator

Mobile Cooler

Whereas the -25°C mobile cooler can be used during transportation to local facilities or point of care in remote areas. The portable medical cooler has been designed specifically for the medical industry and is ideal to carry bio-samples and vaccine, in this case, COVID-19 vaccine. Featuring easy to use, adoptable temperature controls, lightweight, portable and highly versatile functionality makes it easy to be put on a motorcycle and carry around to remote areas. Flexible -25°C to +30°C temperature range allows it to be used after the pandemic as a fridge, freezer or incubator.

Digital Data Logger

Digital data logger can be used in conjunction with above methods to enhance temperature control and monitoring. According to CDC, every vaccine storage unit must have a Temperature Monitoring Device (TMD).

“CDC recommends a specific type of TMD called a “digital data logger” (DDL).” 

– CDC Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit

DDL provides the most accurate storage unit temperature information at a preset intervals. Temperature data from a DDL can be downloaded to a computer using specific software or transfer to mobile app for real-time monitoring. Multi-alarm function allows users to receive abnormal temperature notifications right from the mobile app via mobile data or Wi-Fi signal.

After The Pandemic

As billions of dollars will be invested in storage and handling of the COVID-19 vaccine, once the current crisis has passed, this process still can be used to transport other bio-samples and goods, such as agricultural produce.

As a leading laboratory manufacturer and supplier, Heal Force is thrive to support and help during this COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact us to get more information regarding to how you can effectively manage COVID-19 vaccine cold chain storage. Also make sure to check out our complete strategies and COVID-19 solutions that help you to create effective and time-saving nucleic acid testing laboratories.

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