In a study published on Monday in JAMA Cardiology, a leading journal of Cardiology, German doctors said patients with the new coronavirus may have long-term heart problems. The COVID-19 crisis may shift from acute respiratory disease to chronic cardiovascular disease, researchers warn.

The study used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests on 100 patients who had recently recovered from COVID-19, and found that more than three-quarters of them developed myocarditis.

The newly published study by Doctors in Germany looked at 100 patients who had recovered from COVID-19 for an average of more than 70 days. Mri images showed heart involvement in 78% of those who had recovered, highly sensitive troponin was detected in 76%, and abnormalities in human myocarditis indicators (T1 and T2) were found in 60% of those who had recovered.

The study also found that months after the novel Coronavirus infection, the patient still had left ventricular dysfunction and persistent inflammation. Researchers say these two factors are enough to cause new cases of heart failure and other cardiovascular complications.

Clyde Yancy, associate editor of the JAMA Cardiology and a cardiologist at Northwestern University School of Medicine, and Dr Gregg Fonarow of the UNIVERSITY of California, Los Angeles Medical Center, published a paper in the same issue entitled “Will HEART failure be the next chapter of the new crown?” “Novel Coronavirus infection with a novel coronavirus has been shown to increase the risk of complications and death in patients with coronary heart disease (including high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, heart failure, etc.),” the editorial said. Strengthening prevention strategies is absolutely critical to saving more lives.”

They also warned that if the pathological basis of left ventricular dysfunction is confirmed, especially if the longitudinal assessment shows the new recovery of new-onset heart failure, it means that the new crisis does not reduce, but will move to the heart failure and other chronic cardiovascular complications, the incidence of these diseases will increase.

It can say that in this unknown situation, prevention is far important than treatment.

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