Heart diseases are transient, often passing by in a flash, and it is difficult to grasp, but it is more troublesome to go to the hospital for examination frequently. The emergence of home electrocardiographs solves the problem of asymptomatic disease diagnosis during medical treatment. As a supplement to hospital disease diagnosis, it can effectively monitor the daily health and capture the abnormal moment of the heart, and then replay it for patients to understand. The condition can be provided to the doctor for diagnosis reference. So you need an ECG Monitor.

The advantage of a single-lead electrocardiogram monitor is its convenient and fast measurement. In our daily life testing, compared with Holter’s 8-lead or 12-lead tester, our electrocardiogram monitor can be directly handheld for measurement, which makes the operation more convenient and captures the momentary uncomfortable state of the heart.

Based on the market demand, Heal Force’s 180B is indeed the best gospel for patients with cardiovascular diseases.


Features of Heal Force ECG Prince-180B

  • Single-lead ECG continuous monitoring, 30s handheld fast measurement function. Let the patient monitor his heart rate at all times.
  • It can store 22.5 hours of ECG monitoring data or 2700 measurement data. Never miss a trace of abnormality.
  • With Bluetooth transmission function, wireless connection to mobile phone APP. Synchronize machine test results and share them in real-time.

The machine is small and professional. The standard data analysis software can upload the data to the computer for statistical analysis and can support the analysis of 17 arrhythmia results.


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