Our heart is one of the important vital organs of our body. With the irregular lifestyle of modern workers and the increasing work pressure, the burden on the heart is gradually increasing. Nowadays, cardiovascular health has become an important topic of general concern in the global medical community. People’s physical functions often decline when aging, and cardiovascular disease has become a major health concern for middle age person or even younger range.

In 2019, the British Medical Journal published research on cardiovascular disease, found out that having a good cardiovascular status at the age of 50 or older can reduce the risk of dementia.

With the advancement of medical technology, home-used electrocardiogram devices have become more and more popular in people’s homes, helping people to manage their heart health more conveniently, but for some users, it is hard to even start buying an ECG when there are different types of ECGs in the market. It can be quite overwhelming and complicated. Let’s learn about the relevant knowledge of the ECG devices. Hopefully after reading this article, it is clear to you when selecting an ECG.

What are the types of ECGs(electrocardiogram)?

The ECG devices can be divided into single-lead and multi-lead (such as three-lead, six-lead, twelve-lead) electrocardiograph according to the signal derivative that can be recorded at one time.

Single-lead ECG

The single-lead ECG machine has one ECG signal amplification channel, that is, one waveform is displayed on the screen at a time. It is a household ECG testing instrument often used at home. It has the advantages of convenient and easy operation, simple and fast. Heal Force PC-80B Easy ECG, provides quick measurement in 30 seconds, can store 2700 sets or 22.5 hours of ECG monitoring waveforms, it is an essential device to monitor your heart anytime, anywhere.

Multi-lead ECG

The multi-lead ECG machine has multiple amplification channels, which can simultaneously reflect the changes in the ECG signal of multiple leads. The ECG signal changes measured by the multi-lead ECG machine are more comprehensive, which is helpful to judge the heart condition. Heal Force 3-lead ECG PC-80D display three waveforms on 3.5inch LCD screen. It is able to detect up to 19 types of arrhythmia results, provide accurate measurement and real-time feedback.

Heal Force 3-lead ECG PC-80D
Heal Force PC-80D 3-lead ECG

Lead wires are needed for long-term ECG monitoring. The more leads, the more ECG measurements, therefore the more heart states observed. For example, myocardial ischemia is often clinically asymptomatic, and the 12-lead ECG system can be used to reflect symptoms in time. Almost 70% to 90% of myocardial ischemia is discovered through 12-lead monitoring. Therefore, the multi-lead professional electrocardiogram is very important to diagnose the nature of diseases such as arrhythmia, determine the treatment method, and observe the treatment effect.

Heal Force 12-lead ECG
ECG1200 12-lead ECG

Heal Force ECG1200G twelve-channel electrocardiogram is equipped with 10 leads, which can simultaneously collect 12-lead filtering, and cover 60 kinds of abnormal heart rate automatic analysis results. Built-in thermal array printer, enable measurement and printing integration, convenient and fast measurement, provide comprehensive feedback on heart health situation.

Through this introduction, hopefully it gives you a better understanding of different ECG devices. Heal Force reminds everyone that, the best way to pay attention to heart health is to follow a healthy lifestyle, and avoid working under long-term pressure. For middle-aged and elderly people who suffer from heart condition should use an electrocardiogram at home to monitor and pay attention more regularly. Visit our website, select one of Heal Force ECGs to keep a peace of mind to healthy life.

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