The high-frequency electrosurgical generator is an electrosurgery device that replaces the mechanical scalpel for tissue cutting. It heats the tissue when the high-frequency high-voltage current generated by the electrode tip is in contact with the body and realizes the separation and coagulation of the body tissue for the purpose of cutting and hemostasis.


In clinical practice, the high-frequency electrosurgical generator can improve operational efficiency and reduce blood loss and blood transfusion in patients. Therefore, high-frequency electrosurgical generators are widely used in hospital operating rooms. Heal Force EB03D high-frequency electrosurgical generator has the advantages of fast cutting speed, good hemostatic effect, simple operation, and wide application range, and is recognized and affirmed by first-line doctors.

EB03D electrosurgical generator

electrosurgical generator
EB03 Electrosurgical Generator

EB03D high-frequency electrosurgical generator, with CF-level low-frequency current isolation, dual footswitch design. Equipped with multiple output interfaces, it can handle a variety of applicable scenarios. Adaptive tissue response technology intuitively displays the contact area of ​​the electrode plate, which is stable, safe, and reliable.

Performance characteristics

Monopolar Mode

Pure cut: Provide perfect guarantee for tissue cutting

Blend cut 1/2/3: simultaneous cutting and coagulation, realizing bloodless cutting and minimizing tissue damage

Spot coagulation: higher voltage and high-frequency pulse current heat the bleeding point, a tiny spark is generated to make the tissue scab after coagulation

Soft coagulation: low-voltage high-frequency pulse current for long-term contact coagulation of the bleeding point, and the tissue is almost free of carbonization, and there is no adhesion between the tissue and the electrode.

Bipolar Mode

Bipolar coagulation:

Bipolar standard coagulation: During the coagulation process, when the tissue coagulates to a certain degree, the output power decreases slowly.

Safety Protection

Plate contact area indication:
Display contact surface changes in real-time, timely eliminate the dangers and prevent plate burns in a visual manner.

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