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With the continuous advancement of medical technology, hospitals at all levels in China, such as the Three-A Hospitals and County People’s Hospitals, continue to strengthen the digital and information construction, most of whom pays more attention to the transformation of the operating room system in terms of digital information construction.

It’s natural that digital solutions have found its way into the global medical sector where the operating room occupies an important position for the treatment of critically ill patients in hospitals. The clean operating room in the past seems an isolated island in the hospital, and the communication with the outside was scarce, sometimes problematic. To improve this situation, a digital operating room system was introduced.

We aim to provide hospitals with more cost-effective digital integrated operating rooms and solutions.
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Digital Operating Room System

What exactly is a digital operating room system?

The digital operating room system connects all the information flow in the operating room with the network in the hospital. Medical staff can operate the platform in the sterile area through a touch screen, thereby easily controlling the operating room and hospital information to realize data sharing. 

Secondly, it is capable of communicating with the outside world interactively to achieve surgical teaching, telemedicine and other applications.

Advantages of Heal Force Digital Operating Room System

Digital Operating Room
Heal Force Digital Operating Room

Conducive to resource integration and process optimization

Heal Force digital operating room system is a trinity integrated information system composed of hospital business software, digital medical equipment and network platform. The professional comprehensive information system is not only conducive to resource integration and process optimization of hospital operations, improving service quality, work efficiency and management level, and reducing hospital operating costs; it also contributes to hospital ratings and international JCI certification.

Information sharing creates an efficient working environment

Our digital OR system makes information sharing more sufficient. Doctors can obtain important patient-related information in real-time to quickly deploy the equipment during the operation, creating an efficient working environment, and keeping the surgical field clean and tidy.

OR information sharing

Surgical teaching and real-time communication

When performing the operation teaching in the digital operation room, the real-time online communication or answer can be made with the doctor through signal access during the operation process. Postoperative video resources are able to be played by relevant personnel at any time, which is conducive to professional talent training and medical case sharing and promotes academic exchanges.

Improving patient safety

The digital operating room system greatly reduces the time for patients to undergo surgical treatment and minimize the risk of surgical infection. Through the on-site record, the patient’s situation in the operating room will be recorded truthfully. If necessary during the operation, a remote consultation can be organized where experts from various departments provide advice, greatly improving the safety of the operation.

Expert remote consultation
Expert Remote Consultation

Heal Force OR Solution

Ceiling Supply Unit

ceiling supply unit
  • Applicable to ICU and regular wards
  • Bridge type is able to connect to each other

Sugical Lights

surgical light
  • Classical Halogen light
  • LED Light Source with average lifespan reaches 50,000 hours
  • Ability to be installed on wall or trolley with battery

Operating Table

  • Both manual and electrical models available
  • Safe and stable hydraulic Instruments ensure various positions with simple operation

Surgical Navigation System

  • Fit with surgeries enquiring high accuracy
  • Make use of CT, MRl. .. at a deeper level
  • 3D reconstruction technology gives surgeons a better experience

Electrosurgical Generators

  • Maximum output power reaches 400W
  • Return electrode monitoring system (REM)

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