After evaluation and discussion by experts from China Association of Medical Equipment (CAME), Shanghai Lishen Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Heal Force, is selected as the drafting unit of the “Digital Operating Room Construction Standard”!

China Association of Medical Equipment is composed of leaders and experts from national medical and health institutions, medical equipment R&D, production and operation enterprises and institutions. As an academic and technical exchange platform to promote the development of the medical equipment industry, it integrates “politics, production, learning, research, and use” to improve the service capabilities and levels of medical institutions.

Heal Force Digital Operating Room Solution

iForce integrated smart operating room solution is committed to the development of an intelligent operating environment, clinical digitization, and refined management, and is suitable for new smart operating rooms and old operating rooms transformation. The diversified operating environment can be customized as needed to effectively integrate operating room equipment and network communication equipment, conducting centralized control and operating room environment control, providing one-stop service for medical workers. The operating room can be connected to multiple types of surgical equipment to complete image routing switching, information sharing and management, providing remote video teaching, and watching live broadcasts and on-demand on PC and mobile terminals to grasp the operation process anytime and anywhere through the client.

Digital Operating Room

Diversified Customized Surgical Environment

The iForce integrated smart operating room can be set according to the habits of the chief surgeon in different departments (neurosurgery, orthopedics, cardiothoracic surgery, pentagram, etc.) The arrangement of equipment makes the space layout of the operating room more in line with the ergonomic configuration and optimizes the space ratio of medical staff and medical equipment.

Integrated Control

The iForce integrated operating room largely solves the “interconnection” problem of operating room equipment. Fiber access enables integrated and centralized control of surgical equipment, optimizes operating procedures, improves operating room efficiency, and avoids preparation for complex connectivity of various equipment before surgery. The integrated touch screen control panel integrates the operating room control function, providing a “one-stop service” for medical workers.

Multi-Type Information Sharing

The iForce integrated operating room contains all the functions of an anesthesia workstation. Through the DOOR platform of the “Smart Tower” and intercommunication with the hospital’s HIS/PACS system, the operating room is no longer an information island. It can be connected to ORC intelligent system, office Web terminal, display classroom all-in-one terminal, intraoperative and extraoperative mobile phone and tablet terminal, and extraoperative PC terminal.

Good Open Compatibility

The ORC intelligent system has good open compatibility, modular interface design, suitable for different ports, and is ready for access to more surgical equipment in the future. Such as: Endoscope, C-arm, ultrasound, DSA, etc.

Remote Operation Demonstration

It can display signal sources such as PACS, monitor, endoscopy, surgical field camera, intraoperative C-arm, SDA, ultrasound, etc., for remote video teaching, and simultaneously connect multiple operating rooms, conference rooms, offices, and classrooms. HD 1080P/60fps “class data” is transmitted in an uncompressed and lossless manner. The medical high-definition display screen with the real-time enhancement of high color gamut images can provide color for video teaching in hospitals and remote teaching consultations between hospitals with sharp professional images.

Remote teaching, expert consultation

The digital operating room can make the management of all aspects of surgery more intelligent and efficient, which is one of the development directions of digital medical and smart medical care in the future. The drafting of the “Digital Operating Room Construction Standard” is an important step towards standardization of the digital medical field.

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