The digital integrated operating room is a new medical project coveted with the development of minimally invasive technology. It is a comprehensive application of multiple systems for the purpose of creating high efficiency, high safety in the operating room, and enhancing the external communication platform of the operating room. (Such as medicine, industrial control, communications, digital, etc.)

Heal Force digital operating room simulation diagram

Digital Medical Pendant Ceiling
Simulation diagram of Heal Force digital operating room

From the perspective of the needs of hospitals, there are many requirements that an integrated operating room must meet, such as information exchange of surgical procedures, perioperative overall clinical information solutions, comprehensive integration of HIS, LIS, PACS, and realization of information interconnection, consultation of anesthesia experts and early warning system to improve the quality of anesthesia, reduce anesthesia accidents, etc.

The intercommunication of these information and anesthesia early warnings need to be supported by hardware platforms. At present, most of the hospital operating rooms are based on computer desktops, regardless of whether they are digital integrated operating rooms. The biggest problem when using a computer desktop in an operating room is the accumulation of dust on the fan, which takes up an extra piece of space inside the operating room.

As the leader of the overall solution for the domestic operating room, Healforce’s solution is the digital medical pendant.

We use the ceiling pendant as the data exchange center of the entire operating room, freeing up the space occupied by the desktop computer; pendant panel (material made of aluminum alloy) as the heat dissipation medium for the built-in hardware platform. Our suspension tower has passed the IP6 dustproof certification issued by SGS, which effectively prevents secondary pollution in the operating room.

We aim to provide users with more cost-effective medical equipment.

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