transport monitor

This Patient Monitor is a multi-functional instrument designed for monitoring the vital physiological signs of adult and pediatric patients. With the functions of real-time recording and displaying parameters, such as ECG, heart rate, non-invasive blood pressure, functional oxygen saturation, respiration rate, body temperature and so on, it allows comprehensive analysis of patient’s physiological conditions.

This instrument is applicable for use in hospitals and clinical institutions. The operation should be performed by qualified professionals only.

Features of Deluxe-70

– Widely applicable in hospitals, clinics and homes, especially in emergency.
– 7″ high resolution color TFT screen enables maximum data visibility for most critical parameters
– The quick-action keys on the front panel make this device especially easy to use
– 4 waveforms display, switchable to observing screen
– Monitoring standard parameters of ECG, SpO2, RESP, NIBP, TEMP & PR
– Optimized mode for adult, pediatric, neonate
– Automatic analysis of 20 arrhythmia waveforms
– ST segment with automatic & manual analysis
– Digital SpO2 technology with anti-motion & anti-low infusion
– Up to 480-hours of graphic and list trends, NIBP list including 800 measurements, and recall for 100 alarm episodes
– 120-hour of full disclosure waveform recall for detailed review of ECG
– Compact flash back-up protects your patients’ data in case of a sudden power outage
– Audio and visual alarms with 3-level classification
– Protection against interference from defibrillator & electrosurgical genetator
– Removeable & rechargeable battery

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