The success of efforts against vaccine-preventable diseases is attributable in part to proper storage and handling of vaccines. It is very vital to have a proper storage and monitoring lab instrument which is set up correctly, and monitored appropriately in order to store vaccine. This will protect patients from inadvertently receiving compromised vaccine and protects facilities from revaccinating patients, replacing vaccines, and losing patient confidence. Especially, during the epidemic of COVID-19, it is important to make sure the potency and effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides the following guidelines and recommendations for properly storing vaccines:

  • CDC recommends to use purpose-built or pharmaceutical-grade units designed for refrigeration or freezing biological material such as vaccines. These units can be compact, under-the-counter style or large units. Check out our pharmaceutical-grade freezer and refrigerator.
  • Every vaccine storage unit must have a Temperature Monitoring Device (TMD). Heal Force Refrigerators and Freezers equipped with thermometer sensor to correctly monitor temperature.
  • Should have fan system. Heal Force’s circulation fan system combined with powerful fans and multiple air-conditioning vents inside the device helps maintain uniform temperatures and facilitates rapid temperature recovery.

According to CDC, refrigerators should maintain temperatures between 2°C and 8°C (36°F and 46°F). Freezers should maintain temperatures between -50°C and -15°C (-58°F and +5°F). With the help of Heal Force’s Accurate Temperature Control technology, the temperature is maintained at 2~8℃ and accuracy of 0.1℃ for our refrigerator, and ranged between -40°C~ -86°C with +/- 0.1°C accuracy for Heal Force Ultra Low Temperature Refrigerators.

Recommended Temperatures
FreezerBetween -50°C and -15°C (-58°F ~ +5°F)
Refrigeratorbetween 2°C and 8°C (36°F ~ 46°F)
Average5°C (40°F)

Heal Force Refrigerator has other features:

  • 7in LCD touch screen, clear display essential parameter enables user interact with the unit without hassle;
  • Various volume sizes to choose from: 408 liters, 588 liters and 838 liters, which fulfill the needs of different size facility’s requirements.
  • Build-in back-up battery to display temperature and to operate audible and visual alarm system for up to 72 hours without AC power.
  • Visual and audible alarm system helps indicating when the temperature outside of the setting range or give alert when there is a power failure,
  • Wide voltage range: 198V~242V are available
  • HC refrigeration system, energy saving 50%
  • Special noise reduction design
  • Easy data transfer by standard USB port.
  • Suitable for multiple Applications: preservation of viruses, bacteria, vaccines, biological tissues, drugs, special materials, etc.

There are other preventive measure shall be taken into consideration when storing vaccines:

  • Do Not store vaccine in vegetable/fruit bins
  • Perform daily inspection of storage units
  • It is recommended not to store other biological materiel with the vaccine
  • If other biologics must be stored in the same unit, store them bellow the vaccines to avoid contamination.
  • Never store any vaccine in a dormitory-style or bar-style combined unit.
  • Never store food and beverage in the same unit with vaccines.
  • Take immediate corrective action when there is a problem.
  • Keeping a maintenance logbook is essential.

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