Stand Bravely on the Tide, Take On the Mission, Start a New Chapter

On January 29 of 2021, Heal Force held the Fourth Workers’ Congress and the Third Labor Union’s Second Congress! The cadres of the Federation of Trade Unions of Chonggu Town, Qingpu District came to attend. The conference reviewed and approved the “2021 Heal Force Wage Collective Negotiation Agreement”, and also the fourth Trade Union Committee was elected.

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the workers’ congress opened in the song of Chinese national anthem. The founder CEO of Heal Force, Mr. Shen Qinhua delivered the “2020 Corporate Business Report” to the representatives of the conference. Mr. Shen made a comprehensive analysis based on the company’s business development achievements last year and concluded the growth and progress have achieved over the past year, also made a forecast towards the coming 2021.

Mr. Shen pointed out that 2021 is a very critical year, he claimed that at this critical moment, Heal Force will face new opportunities and challenges and he further clarified the next development direction and goals of the company as a whole.

Mr Shen is making a speech

The employee representatives have reviewed the “2021 Heal Force Collective Consultation Agreement”. After voting, the union chairman, Ms. Shen Linfeng, signed the agreement with the company as a representative of all employees.

After that, at the second congress of the third trade union, the chairman of the trade union, Ms. Linfeng Shen, represented the third trade union committee to make a yearly report for 2020 to the congress. In the past year, the trade union has been uniting employees at all levels, developing harmonious and stable employees relations, creating comfortable working environment, establishing great learning atmosphere, enhancing corporate cohesion and other related works , and she also looking forward for continued success in the newly 2021.

Election of the 4th Trade Union Committee at Heal Force

In accordance with the “Articles of the Chinese Trade Unions” and the “Notice on the Election Measures of Local Trade Unions at All Levels”, the conference reviewed and passed the “Measures for the Election of the Fourth Representative Conference of Heal Force” by anonymous. The fourth union members was elected through individual and direct votes of the members.

Ms. Shen Linfeng was elected as the chairman of the fourth trade union by unanimous votes, Zhang Zhen was elected as the economic review committee member, Xu Zhaohui was elected as the production committee member, Tang Guoyi was elected as the propaganda committee member, and Chen Jiajia was elected as the female worker committee member.

Selected Four of the 4th Trade Union Members

Ms. Shen Linfeng delivered a speech on behalf of the 4th Trade Union Committee, saying that in the new year, the trade union will continue to play its role as an important bridge and link between employees and the company, and will further strengthen the sense of union service and promote harmony between the company and employees development of.

Group Chairman Mr. Shen Qinhua congratulated the successful convening of this conference and the election of the members of the fourth trade union. He hoped that everyone can enjoy working with Heal Force and play their respective roles in different positions, stick to their original aspirations, and make continuous progress. He hopes the Heal Force family will grow stronger and become a better place for everyone to work in.

Mr. Shen and the fourth trade union members

The conference has finished successfully in the song of ” The Internationale”. 2021 is a brand-new year, facing the “14th Five-Year Plan Period” and the ambitious goals of the “Healthy China 2030” plan, Heal Force will continuously work together to drive the innovative development of national medical equipment, keep contributing to the development of heath in China.

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