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BBC latest launched news mentions that coronavirus is continuing its spread across the world, with more than 15 million confirmed cases in 188 countries and more than 600,000 people have died.

Clearly, it’s still not a good time for the world. Even Donald Trump abruptly gave up his rosy projections about the novel coronavirus, urging Americans to wear a face-covering in that the virus will probably ‘get worse before it gets better.’ But for now, our nation’s assistance is essential in combating the coronavirus as in someway China is a medical manufacturing workshop of the world capable of expanding production.

Over the last few months, joint efforts were made by Heal Force to fight against COVID-19 that we mobilized all employees to help the epidemic area through difficult times, contributing clinical molecular diagnostic testing, medical staff safety protection and vital sign health monitoring work.

This is a moment when each healthcare vertical is playing a crucial role, being stress-tested like never before. Here is a retrospective encapsulating just some of the efforts that Heal Force is engaged in:

Heal Force’s Engineers all over China, worked day and night on the front line of epidemic prevention and control to help the safety protection of medical staff in the clinical labs and hospitals.

The most dangerous place is where we should stick to it. Engineers fought to fully guarantee the installation and maintenance of our Biosafety Cabinets in Wuhan, the worst epidemic area, and never flinched from danger.
4 biosafety cabinets installation in Huoshenshan Hospital
3 biosafety cabinets installed in Leishenshan Hospital

500 patient monitors were sent to Hubei to support the frontline hospitals on Feb 18th.

500 Patient Monitors emergency stocking

Pulse Oximeter Donation to hospitals and institutions

Work hard to manufacture

Employees jointly completed the difficult task of producing epidemic prevention equipment through the darkest times

This is a war against coronavirus until the moment we finally prevail. From the current point of view, the pandemic prevention and management will remain the top tasks of all countries in the world at least until the end of 2020. And Heal Force will not slow the pace of delivering professional solutions on medical treatment and life science research in response to COVID-19.

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