The surgical light is one of the important medical equipment in the operating room with which the medical staff can realize the shadowless illumination of the surgical site, helping the surgeon clearly distinguish the lesion tissue and perform the operation smoothly.

A high-performance surgical shadowless light must meet high technical requirements in terms of optical performance, surgical heating, colour temperature adjustment, and shadowlessness.

The colour temperature of a light source is the temperature of an ideal black-body radiator that radiates light of a colour comparable to that of the light source. 

Theoretically, the black body temperature refers to the colour of the absolute black body after being heated from absolute zero (-273°C). Then it gradually turns from black to red to yellow to white to blueish white. When heated to a certain temperature, the spectral component of the light emitted by the black body is called the colour temperature.

Colour temperature is conventionally expressed in kelvins, using the symbol K, a unit of measure for absolute temperature.

A 3500 K light, for example, shows more orange or yellow tones. The higher the temperature, the colder the light, so for longer surgeries, a 5000 K light might be preferred to reduce eye fatigue.

Traditional surgical lights are mostly halogen lamps whose colour temperature is not adjustable, generally fixed at 4300K. All operations can only be performed at the same colour temperature regardless of the colour difference at different surgical sites in that it is impossible to see the tissues of the surgical site under the same colour temperature environment, which will cause visual fatigue of the operator and affect the efficiency of the operation.

Therefore, the shadowless lamp with colour temperature adjustment can better meet the integrated needs of different operations. Heal Force TOPSUN series shadowless lights feature ten-level colour temperature adjustment in the range of 3650K-5000K, allowing doctors to select the appropriate colour temperature value during the operation and better distinguish the various tissues and organs of the human body.

surgical light

HEAL FORCE TOPSUN Series Surgical Light

Revolutionary LED Lighting Technology

Brilliant Four-Color-Mix Concept; 10-level Color Temperature Adjustment

Light sources with four colours ( Green, Amber, Red and Warm/Cold/White) high CRI up to (Ra>=95). Meanwhile, the New Light Source requires fewer LEDs to reach an ideal illuminance with lower irradiated heat.

The ten-level adjustable colour temperature of 3650k-5000k supports doctors distinguish different tissue types more easily, with less fatigue and more concentration, especially during long-lasting procedures.

– Ambient Light Mode –

During the MIS (Minimally Invasive Surgery) and Endoscopic Surgery, TopSUN can quickly reduce the illuminance and render gentle and comfortable ambient lighting, for better screen image observation and less fatigue.

Intelligent Design

Automatic Shadow Compensation

Automatic Illumination Control System

TOPSUN Series features an Automatic Illumination Control System that senses the position of the surgeon’s head so as to achieve an excellent shadowless effect by automatically reducing the light bulb illuminance in the blocked area and increases illuminance in other areas. The temperature rise of the surgeon’s head is also lowered to assist the smooth operation of the operation.

– Wireless Inductive Dimmable –

The surgeon only needs to place his hand on the sensing area to adjust the light without his/her assistant, let alone touch any buttons.

-Linkage Control between the Two Lamps-

You can control the illuminance, colour temperature, and spot field diameter of two/three light heads synchronously via the touch panel, convenient for the operator to control the other light head.

Exterior Design

-Petal-Shaped Appearance-

TOPSUN series surgical light integrates lamp panel and handle with high-strength material shell and sleek arc lamp panel. The shape design conforms to aerodynamics, with good air flow and less contamination, which can better meet the requirements of laminar flow operating room.

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