Blood glucose meters are compact, computerized devices that measure and display your blood glucose level. It is specially helpful to use for people who have diabetes. Many types of blood glucose meters are available for at-home use. These range from basic models that only read blood glucose levels to more advanced versions that offer features such as memory for storing information. How should we choose a glucose meter?

There are few aspects to consider when choosing a blood glucose meter:


Medical-grade testing equipment will ensure the accuracy of the measurement results. According to the national standards, when the blood glucose value is ≥4.2mmol/L, the error range is within 20%. However, it is recommended to compare the test results with the hospital laboratory test results and always refer to the hospital test results.

Heal Force GUC-1ble Glucose Meter
Heal Force GUC-1ble

Heal Force GUC-1ble is a device which provides blood glucose, uric acid and cholesterol analysis. It is certified that its measurement data is accurate by the national second-class medical device registration with the medical grade standard. The measurement results can be used as references for daily monitoring of blood sugar and other health conditions, as long as the device is operated correctly, the test strip is not expired and damp-free.

Functional Diversity

When choosing a glucose meter, in addition to the accuracy of measurement, it is necessary to compare the diversification of its functions, such as the number of supported measurement values, data storage capacity, and so on.

Provide blood glucose, uric acid and cholesterol test results

Heal Force blood glucose, uric acid and cholesterol analyzer GUC-1ble can automatically identify three different test strips of blood glucose, uric acid and cholesterol. Through manual coding adjustment, it can accurately measure the the values of blood glucose, uric acid and cholesterol of the human body. It is widely applicable to people with diabetes, obesity, gout and other chronic disease.

Each time you open a new pot of test strips you will need to recalibrate your meter. It may sound like a bit of a chore, but it is like when you are making a cake, you need to zero out the scales before you start doing all the measurements. If the scales change each time you weigh out your ingredients, at the end you will get a odd cake. Therefore, calibration removes the margin of error when possible. It is important to get your blood sugar readings as close to accurate as is possible.

Although blood test meters are commonly used, the technology used is still highly sensitive. Additionally, in the production of the blood test strips, the differences in product raw materials and production conditions (temperature and air temperature during production, etc.) makes the different batch of test strips different in reactivity. Therefore, a sample of each batch is taken and tested against a standard solution, the reading from the test is then given as a code number, thus the code number in entered into your meter which will recalibrate your meter correctly for that set of strips.

Data Accessibility

Under the influence of the Internet of Things integrate with medical health, data communication between different devices has becoming more and more important. The blood glucose meter with intelligent data transmission function is more suitable for people’s lives. Using mobile phones and other devices, you can easily retrieve historical records and intuitively understand the recent history over a period of time.

It is easier for doctors to retrieve your measurement and contruct suitable diet, exercise plan for you.

bluetooth wireless tranfer data

Heal Force GUC-1ble blood glucose, uric acid and cholesterol meter can automatic store test data, transmit measurement data via Bluetooth, enjoy the intimate service of Heal Force smart APP, , farewell to traditional paper records, it also can automatically generate blood glucose, uric acid, and cholesterol data reports/trends. Analyzing graphs is a good way to help patients understand their own health conditions in daily life.

After-sales Service

The blood glucose meter is not a disposable item, so the after-sales experience has become particularly important. As a professional team focusing on medical and health for more than 30 years, Heal Force after-sales service team has always adhered to the service principle of “attentiveness, concentration, consideration, peace of mind, and satisfaction”. Dedicated to provide users with effective, timely, systematic, comprehensive after-sales solutions and personalized services, so that you can enjoy the enthusiasm and warmth from Heal Force after-sales service team anytime, anywhere.

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