Childhood patients with snoring refers to a common sleep disorder in children aged 1-10. The characteristics are different from those of adults. It is mostly manifested as sleep snoring, night sweats, easy awakening, bedwetting, long-term nasal congestion, mouth breathing, upper airway obstruction and low Oxyemia.

Childhood patients with snoring have a serious impact on the growth and development of children. And childhood patients with snoring is a mild disease, but in severe cases the inhalation and exhalation will be completely blocked, leading to sudden death.

People have the ability to self-regulate when they are awake. When the respiratory tract is blocked, they can breathe through their mouths. At night, people’s self-regulating ability will decrease when they fall asleep. When the respiratory tract is blocked, people will not be aware of it, which will easily lead to hypoxia and cause a series of diseases. What to do if you don’t know it at night? Therefore, we need to take care of childhood patients with snoring. Heal Force recommends Wrist Pulse Oximeter Prince-100H for you.

Childhood Patients with Snoring

Heal Force Wrist Pulse Oximeter Prince-100H

  • Wrist design is easy to wear and helps sleep monitoring
  • 480 hours of monitoring data can be stored
  • Support data upload, playback and analysis
  • With sound and light alarm function, the upper and lower limits can be adjusted automatically
  • Adults and children can use, suitable for children’s probe
  • Exercise anti-interference, the elderly are not afraid of weak perfusion

Blood Oxygen Volume Waveform

Childhood Patients with Snoring

It is a good indicator of sympathetic nerve excitability, and the waveform amplitude becomes smaller, indicating that there is vasoconstriction, which has important guiding significance for the amount of infusion.

Necessity of Measuring Blood Oxygen Saturation

Blood oxygen readings can indirectly reflect the body’s respiratory function, changes in arterial blood oxygen and whether the body is in a state of hypoxia. When the human body is hypoxia, there is an imbalance between the body’s oxygen supply and oxygen consumption, which has a serious impact on the central nervous system (CNS), liver and kidney functions.

  • Mild hypoxia often yawns again and again, with cold limbs, it is easy to feel chest tightness and shortness of breath in a closed environment.
  • Moderate hypoxia is mainly manifested in light physical labour, such as climbing stairs, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and shortness of breath when lifting heavy objects. From the perspective of human physical conditions, it is easy to stomach acid, constipation, dry skin, inattention, and dreams.
  • Severe hypoxia is mainly manifested in unexplained heart discomfort and palpitation; memory gradually declines, mental fatigue during the day, and body fatigue; after squatting, it is easy to get dizzy, eyes black, and often accompanied by tinnitus, vertigo, back pain.

Childhood patients with snoring is not a trivial matter, mothers need to pay more attention. Don’t ignore blood oxygen monitoring at night~

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