The quality of water in a hospital is directly related to the lives and health of the majority of medical patients. In general, a general hospital requires at least water for biochemical tests, pathology, hemodialysis, central supply room water, surgical flushing water, and DSI catheter flushing water. Dental washing water, obstetric baby washing water, preparation room water and other high-quality pure water. In the past, hospitals basically used independent water machines in each department to supply pure water, and there were problems such as difficult maintenance and management, unstable water quality, and high cost. For this reason, Heal Force recommends a centralized water supply method.

Centralized water supply is to use a set of water machines to perform advanced treatment of tap water to make it reach the water quality standards that can be used directly by each department, and then supply each department with a pipe network.

Centralized Water Supply

Heal Force Centralized Water Supply Main Advantages

  • Improve the level of hospital modern management with an automatic control system, PLC unattended automatic operation, remote monitoring.
  • Lower operating costs, high water resource utilization, low power consumption, and low material cost, and low personnel cost.
  • The labor intensity of front-line medical workers is reduced, and there is no need for department personnel to concurrently manage the operation, operation, and maintenance of the water machine.
  • Save the room area of the hospital and offer more options. The total area is small and the requirements for housing are reduced.
  • Water quality is more secure. It has a closed circulating water supply, with no retained water, and pollution source, and it is ready to use.
  • Produce greater benefit (More details on the post-benefit analysis table)

Concept of Split Water Supply

  • Centralized Water Supply–Adopt a set of a pure water system, centralized water production is easy to manage.
  • Backup–The host adopts two sets of RO water system, linkage control, uninterrupted water supply.
  • Water Supply Based on Different Quality–According to different departments and demands for water to supply separately so as to meet individual needs.
  • Circulation Pipeline–Circulation pipeline design, no stagnant water, and water quality is guaranteed.
  • Wastewater Recycling–Wastewater recovery device is to improve the water utilization rate and basically achieve zero discharge.
Centralized Water Supply

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Centralized Water Supply
Centralized Water Supply
Centralized Water Supply

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