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Ceiling Supply Unit​

The medical technology has equipped Ors and ICUs with powerful equipment. Professionals need a solution to organize all the devices in an optimal way for an efficient workflow ultimately for the benefit of patients. Well established Heal Force ceiling supply units improve workplace efficiency by lifting devices upon the floor, incorporating outlets, and positioning them directly to the acute point of care.

OR Ceiling Supply Unit​

The good placement of medical devices and accessories and orderly organization of power cords and gas pipelines make our OR ceiling supply unit look tidy and elegant.

The ceiling pendants are practical as it allows maximum space for operation, activity, and easy access to all relevant devices. In addition, it ensures abundant power, data, and gas supply. Multiple functional accessories are also optional to accommodate various applications.  

Our OR ceiling supply unit comes in different configurations. A free combination of configurations is available. This product can also be customized according to clients’ specific requirements.  


ICU Ceiling Supply Unit​

1. The ICU ceiling supply unit offers a high load capacity for various medical devices.
2. It allows convenient functional expansion.
3. Twin-axis rotatable arm design for the separate wet zone and dry zone helps ensure safety.
4. The position for the wet zone and the dry zone is mutually exchangeable.
5. Optional dual arms for either zone are available for more space and flexibility.
6. The ceiling supply unit is suitable for special ICUs.

The modular design of the ICU ceiling supply unit can be tailored to suit any care areas’ requirements, from surgical, endoscopic, anesthesia, and diagnostics applications as well as intensive care units.

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