Heal Force Ceiling Pendant Hanging Solution and Display Program in Digital Operating Room Endoscopy Center is dedicated to solving the re-requirements of the operating room pendant, which is suitable for newly-built endoscopy centers and old operating rooms transformation. We fully consider the requirements of intelligence, clinical digitization, and refined management in the endoscopic minimally invasive operating room, and provide personalized customized solutions for the endoscopy center according to the actual bearing requirements of the hospital’s endoscopic equipment, gas and electricity supply, and pipeline management. At the same time, it can also be equipped with a medical-grade display program to provide medical staff with professional medical display equipment services and improve the efficiency of the hospital’s endoscopy center.

ceiling pendant

By centrally placing the equipment on a dedicated ceiling pendant, Heal Force endoscopic center bearing and display solution can effectively improve the serious problem of its equipment occupation. At the same time, the suspended medical display screen also makes it easier for the operator to obtain an instant endoscope Image support to create high efficiency and high safety in the center of the endoscope.


Safe and efficient
There are many types of equipment in the endoscopy center, which puts forward higher requirements on the load-bearing performance of the ceiling pendant. Heal Force operating room pendant has passed the four-fold load-bearing test, which safely carries various types of endoscopic equipment; at the same time, it has passed the strict IP6 dustproof certification of SGS, effectively guaranteeing the cleanliness of the endoscopy center.

Customizable: Optimizing your space and layout
Heal Force endoscopic center bearing and display solution not only frees up more floor space for the endoscopic center but also adds more possibilities for the equipment configuration of the endoscopic center. At the same time, it provides personalized customization to meet the various equipment and technical operation needs of the hospital.

HD display
The ceiling pendants configured in the endoscopy center bearing solution of Heal Force Smart OR can be adapted to various medical displays. The medical high-definition display with high color gamut and real-time image enhancement will provide operators with professional images of sharp colors and clear color gradations, bringing high-definition visual experience.

Rich interfaces
Heal Force Smart Operating Room Mirror Center’s bearing and display solution provides the pneumatic terminal and information transmission interface required by the Smart Operating Room Mirror Center and has a wealth of interface options. Users can customize the type of interface on the host according to the interface of the image source. (Such as optical fiber, SDI, DVI, etc.).

Heal Force Smart Operating Room Endoscopy Center ceiling pendant bearing and display solution can effectively solve the pain point of insufficient space in the endoscopic operating room, and promote the development of the minimally invasive operating room in the hospital to intelligence, clinical digitalization, and refined management. The configuration scheme cooperates with the professional-level display scheme to provide medical staff with more professional and high-performance product schemes and improve the overall intelligence level of the hospital.

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