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X960 Real-time PCR Detection System

Heal Force X960 Hardware Software Advantages Application Specifications Coronavirus Contact Us Relative quantifiation Relative quantifiation describes a real-time PCR experiment in which the expression of a gene of interest in one sample (i.e., treated) is compare to expression of the same gene in another sample.  Absolute quantification Absolute quantification describes a real-time PCR experiment in …

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How to Make a Comprehensive Vaccine Cold Chain Storage Solution?

The current global demand of COVID-19 vaccine has reached 12-15 billion. As the successful development of COVID-19 vaccine on a large scale this year, its implementation is inevitably facing a huge test on the vaccine cold chain storage, transportation and handling globally. COVID-19 vaccines with an ultra-low temperature cold chain profile pose several challenges for many countries …

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[COVID-19 Solution] Mobile PCR Diagnostic Laboratory Construction Plan and Equipment List

“The laboratory environment has been characterized by ongoing rapid and dramatic innovation since the 1980s. There has been remarkable growth in the range and complexity of available tests and services, which is expected to continue. Laboratory technology is often at the forefront of medical advances. In some cases, testing techniques to diagnose or screen for …

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Whether or not to get the COVID vaccine, all you want to know is here!

1. What are the new coronavirus vaccines in China? China’s new crown vaccine research and development is in the first place in the world. There are currently five technical routes for domestic new crown vaccine research and development, including inactivated vaccines, recombinant protein vaccines, adenovirus vector vaccines, attenuated influenza virus vector vaccines and nucleic acid …

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Combat COVID-19: How Heal Force Come Forward in Response to Pandemic through Uncertain Times [Retrospect]

BBC latest launched news mentions that coronavirus is continuing its spread across the world, with more than 15 million confirmed cases in 188 countries and more than 600,000 people have died. Clearly, it’s still not a good time for the world. Even Donald Trump abruptly gave up his rosy projections about the novel coronavirus, urging Americans …

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Lab Integrated Solution for Nucleic Acid Test

Integrated LAb Solution Nucleic Acid Detection Dedicated to leading a healthier life by delivering professional solutions on medical treatment and life sicence research our solution Reagent Preparation ​ Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Bench Cabinet-type air purification equipment providing local dust-free clean, aseptic working environment and local operating environment High Speed Centrifuge Heal Force high speed …

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Serve Global Healthcare

Serve Global Healthcare Howdy! Get to know our latest response and efforts made to COVID-19 pandemic: View in PDF Dedicated to leading a healthier life by delivering professional solutions on medical treatment and life sicence research ZD 120-PAtient Monitor Simple. Flexible. Dependable. Applied to ICU 12.1-inch colour LCD screen; Rich Expansion Interfaces; High Capacity Information …

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