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blood pressure monitor

Heal Force Blood Pressure Monitor C02 Comes out!

The dog days have arrived. With the characteristics of high temperature in summer, high air humidity, and sultry and humid, also make those three days into a high incidence of cardiovascular disease, so we should pay more attention to the health management of blood pressure. Today, Heal Force will show you how to manage your …

Jaundice Meter

Jaundice Meter – Good News for Newborns

Jaundice meter, known as percutaneous bilirubin tester, etc., is a medical device. It belongs to the second category of medical devices in medical equipment and is an instrument for detecting the amount of transcutaneous bilirubin in newborns. As we all know, neonatal hyperbilirubinemia is a common disease in the neonatal period, and severe cases can …


Internal Reference Gene Commonly Used in Fluorescence Quantitative PCR Experiment and GAPDH Expression in qPCR of Different Brands

The real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR detection technology is to use the change of fluorescence signal to detect the change of the growing amount of each cycle in the PCR amplification reaction in real-time and to quantitatively analyze the starting template through the analysis of Ct value and the standard curve. Real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR detection …


Purchasing Recommendations for High-speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

High-speed refrigerated centrifuges are conventional laboratory centrifuges, which are widely used in biology, chemistry, medicine, and other scientific research, education, and production departments; due to the high speed, it is recommended that when users buy a centrifuge, except the centrifuge speed, centrifugal force, and rotor capacity. Besides, for meeting the basic experimental needs, special attention …


Precious Biological Samples: How to Save

What are Biological Samples? Biological samples are important resources for medical research. Pathological tissue and cell samples are common clinical biological samples, mainly in clinical operations, biopsies, puncture, and other operations. They can be used for pathological diagnosis by preparing sections, smears, and extracting biological macromolecules. The sample is the basis of medical research, and …


Spot-check Monitor from Heal Force Provides you a Better Life

As early as 2011, the Ministry of Health issued a document-“Notice on the Pilot Work for Establishing and Rehabilitation of a Rehabilitation Medical Service System”, which started the construction of a rehabilitation medical service system and clearly proposed the establishment of a three-level rehabilitation medical grading diagnosis and treatment system to integrate the national rehabilitation …


Why Heal Force EB05 Electrosurgical Units are Safer?

High-frequency electrosurgical unit is a medical device that uses the concentrated heat caused by the high-frequency current which works on regional biological tissues to vaporize or burst tissues or tissue components to achieve the purpose of medical operations such as coagulation or cutting. Moreover, the high-frequency electrosurgical units can shorten the operation time and reduce …


Excellent Positions Send Operation into Success

Before the operation, the patient’s position fixation has an important impact on whether the operation is smooth or not. The correct surgical position can obtain good exposure of the surgical field (especially deep part surgery), prevent the occurrence of accidental injuries such as nerves and limbs, and shorten the operation time; otherwise, it can cause …

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