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How important is heart health? ECG machines focus on your concerns!

Our heart is one of the important vital organs of our body. With the irregular lifestyle of modern workers and the increasing work pressure, the burden on the heart is gradually increasing. Nowadays, cardiovascular health has become an important topic of general concern in the global medical community. People’s physical functions often decline when aging, and cardiovascular …


What You Need to Bear in Mind about Perinatal Asphyxia

Perinatal asphyxia refers to the occurrence of intrauterine distress due to hypoxia of the fetus due to various causes before, during or after delivery, or respiratory and circulatory disturbances during delivery, resulting in no spontaneous breathing or failure to establish regular breathing within 1 minute after birth, a disease with hypoxemia, hypercapnia and acidosis as …


Digital Medical Pendant Ceiling of Heal Force

The digital integrated operating room is a new medical project coveted with the development of minimally invasive technology. It is a comprehensive application of multiple systems for the purpose of creating high efficiency, high safety in the operating room, and enhancing the external communication platform of the operating room. (Such as medicine, industrial control, communications, …


Surgical Position Placement and Precautions

Surgical position refers to the position of the patient during the operation, which is composed of the patient’s prone position, the use of the posture pad, and the operation of the operating table. Correct placement of the surgical position is the basic guarantee for the success of the operation. Placement Principle Place soft pads or …


How to Read an ECG in Six Easy Steps

This is a brief guideline for you to help you understand your heart by reading an ECG! Part I: What is an ECG? The heart is largely made up of a type of muscle tissue called cardiac muscle. The cardiac muscle is a group of strong muscles which sends out electrical signals when contract. During its operation, it will continuously produce rhythmic bioelectric …


Heal Force Multi-parameter monitor PC-9000B – Clinical Health Care Professional Assistant

With the development of medical technology and the increasing clinical demand, vital sign monitors and related patient monitors are used widely in general nursing wards and other medical facilities. The fully functional multi-parameter monitor can simultaneously monitor a variety of important vital signs to help doctor quickly grasp patient’s health status. Heal Force PC-9000B Multi-parameter Monitor Heal …

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