Recently, Zhengzhou, China has set up an “Import Cold Chain Food Centralized Supervision Warehouse” from January 20, where imported frozen meat and seafood products must be scanned and tested for active nucleic acid before selling to the public. The centre included centralized procedures such as testing, disinfection, storage and safety coding assignment to ensure imported cold-chain food is managed during the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic around the world.

Wanbang International Agricultural Products Logistics Park is one of the largest and most influential wholesale market of agricultural products in China. Over 6000 fixed merchants with all kinds of agricultural and leading sideline products, more than 300,000 tons of cryogenic cold storage capacity, frozen food and different kinds of seafood products from all over the world are all trading in this logistics park. Therefore, focus on cold chain contamination detection plays a key step when it comes to control the spread of the novel coronavirus.

As an important strategy to prevent and control the spread of the novel coronavirus, on January 20, Heal Force Mobile PCR Diagnostic Laboratory was officially put into use by the Infectious Disease Hospital, Henan Province.

Heal Force Mobile PCR Diagnostic Laboratory
Heal Force Mobile PCR Diagnostic Laboratory

Here are lab technicians who are responsible for sampling and testing cold-chained goods from countries around the world in our Mobile PCR Diagnostic Laboratory.

Each batch of packaging, food itself, even the surface of the vehicle wall will be collected as samples for nucleic acid testing, if nucleic acid test result is negative, goods will be disinfected and record as a set serial code into the system for future reference. If the result is positive, according to the emergency plan for disposal in order to control the virus transmission.

Lab technicians can work safely in a controlled and safe environment under complete protection

Knowledge Link: What is a Mobile PCR Diagnostic Laboratory

Nucleic acid testing is currently the most effective way to identify patients with new coronavirus, and the PCR laboratory required for nucleic acid testing has become a scarce resource in the outbreak, and rapid construction of PCR laboratory has become the most urgent work for the front-line units such as hospitals and disease control/border control centre.

Heal Force Mobile PCR Diagnostic Laboratory

However, the traditional laboratory construction cycle is very long, the number of on-site construction and many other factors are not conducive to the rapid development of nucleic acid detection. Our transportable Mobile PCR Diagnostic Laboratory is a turnkey solution which provides rapid deployment and simple setup to carry out experiments that meets the BSL-2 biological safety protection standard.

Mobile PCR Diagnostic Laboratory is strictly accordance with the level of secondary biosecurity laboratory design, have independent reagent preparation room, specimen preparation room, amplification analysis room and other areas; all areas and the air flow among these areas comply with process specifications and other biosecurity requirements; Positive air pressure in pre-PCR with an air cascade to less positive in post-PCR. This turnkey solution makes the diagnostic unit easy to deploy in situations where preventing further spread of infectious diseases and the mobility of the unit makes it possible to respond to shifting demand due to the virus outbreak.

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