With the rise of emerging technologies such as the Internet and big data, mobile medicine, telemedicine, and medical informatization have sprung up. The application of big data in the health field will provide humans with health management such as prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation, and effectively monitor the entire health process. And when the medical device industry and big data gradually “marry”, it will have both “breaking tradition” and “intelligent future” great thrust to realize the intelligent management of human health. The comprehensive industry is becoming a “gold industry” that leads to economic development and social progress and is ushering in a new peak of development.


With the ageing of the population and the increase of residents’ health awareness, coupled with the government’s opening of online platforms for follow-up visits, prescription drug prescriptions, medical insurance payments, and the promotion of basic-level family doctors, the traditional medical industry development model has changed, that is, the traditional medical industry has changed from a single treatment model to a combination of medical care and nursing care.


Therefore, in addition to continuing to develop the medical industry based on medical devices, the Internet health management industry should also accelerate the development of a health management service industry based on personalized health testing and evaluation, consulting services, and disease rehabilitation.

Healthcare Management

China has gradually entered an ageing society, but the health of the elderly in China is not optimistic. The probability of stroke is significantly increased. The sensory dysfunction, motor nerve disorder, consciousness expression disorder and autonomic disorder after the onset of the disease have seriously affected the behaviour of patients and reduced the patient’s quality of life.


The “Healthy China 2030” planning outline proposes that the trend of “health promotion as the centre” medical development is to establish a general health concept, emphasize the role of rehabilitation medicine in promoting functional recovery, and call on the public to pay attention to rehabilitation and point out rehabilitation. It should be implemented as soon as possible, and timely and effective rehabilitation treatment can restore the patient’s physical function and improve the quality of life of the patient after recovery.

The focus of early rehabilitation is to promote the recovery of muscle strength and the reconstruction of advanced nerve control of muscle movement through drugs, conventional rehabilitation training, electrical stimulation and other therapies. Among them, electrical stimulation therapy, as an auxiliary therapy, has a wide range of clinical applications.

Heal Force HF3000 myoelectric biofeedback instrument can accurately measure the value of myoelectricity by sticking an electrode on each end of the muscle of the patient’s treatment site, and then amplify, rectify, and aggregate it, and finally convert it into an acousto-optic signal. Then in the treatment process of the patient, feedback to the patient through vision and graphics, allowing him to re-perceive his own physiological signals and existing functions.


Health Management

The combination of medical care and nursing care and nearby elderly care have become the urgent needs of the elderly. To help solve the problem of “combining medical care and nursing care” in community homes, Heal Force launched a one-stop health monitoring equipment-Health Room. Tailored for a variety of service scenarios to meet the individual needs of different groups of people and business scenarios. It is a public service platform for professional data collection and information management, which greatly improves the overall service level of the community for residents’ health management.


Through the construction of health huts in primary medical institutions, the system automatically monitors the health status of the inspected population, and collects, stores, processes, and analyzes the health data of residents in real time, providing a large number of pre/post follow-up populations, chronic patients, and sub- Provide medical guidance and appointment for healthy people. After basic health data is collected, health management files can be automatically established to achieve interconnection and interoperability of information platforms, providing strong support and guarantee for normal data monitoring required for chronic disease management.


Heal Force Follow-up Box PC-204

Heal Force PC-204 follow-up box is a diagnosis, treatment and health integrated machine for networked medical treatment launched by Heal Force. It is flexibly configured and has multiple uses. It can be widely used in intelligent elderly care institutions, smart pharmacies, family doctors, and primary medical care, etc. The medical staff is equipped with a professional follow-up box, which is convenient for regular door-to-door measurement of blood pressure, blood glucose, ECG, blood oxygen and other routine physiological parameters, establish management files, and can optionally access remote medical care.


Heal Force actively contributes to the measures of “accelerating the development of Internet + medical health”, and provides a variety of Internet health testing solutions, including public health service solutions, primary medical solutions, smart pharmacy solutions, smart elderly care solutions, and family doctor solutions, etc., integrating informatization and diversification, committed to improving the conditions of primary medical services.

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