<The Story in Emergency Room> - EICU of the Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital, using our Dolphin series Bridge Ceilling Supply Units
<The Story in Emergency Room> – EICU of the Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital, uses our Dolphin series bridge ceiling pendants

<The Story in Emergency Room> is China’s very first large-scale medical emergency documentary program, screened at the Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital – EICU the place that can most condense and reflect the dramatic changes in life. 

Common Admission of Patients in ICU

  • Patients with respiratory failure caused by various intrapulmonary or extrapulmonary reasons and requiring non-invasive or invasive ventilation support;
  • Circulatory failure caused by various reasons, which cannot be improved after general treatment or simple fluid resuscitation;
  • Patients with severe head injury that cannot be operated or cerebral infarction, and who are likely to survive through respiratory and circulatory support;
  • Acute poisoning, electric shock, drowning, heatstroke, those who need respiratory and circulatory support;
  • People with extensive burns, exfoliative dermatitis, who need respiratory and circulatory support;

There are situations in life where it is heavily rely on others, ICU is one of them. Our ceiling pendants are used by multiple hospitals in China and around the world, they are certified to meet the highest international standards that you can count on!

Your Trusted Healthcare Partner – Heal Force

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Certified
  • ISO 13485 Medical devices – Quality Management System Certified
  • CE Marking – in compliance with the European Union’s (EU) mandatory regulation
  • FAD Certified – Our medical device meets current FDA regulation
  • Quality commitment:
    • Dust resistance IP6X – Limites dust and other particles
    • Air plug socket plugging testing >20,000 times
    • Ergonomics design – Improving workflow
    • Robust system – Max lifting capacity of 200KG
Ceiling Pendant
Heal Force Lark/Dolphin Series Bridge Ceiling Units

A Solution for Various Requirements

Due to its highly flexible, modular design, our Bridge Ceiling Pendant units offer convenience and long term cost savings in the ICU or other departments across the hospital.

Simple yet functional, ergonomic, and safe. Not only electrical, and medical gas modules can be integrated flexibly at any time, but also the wet zone such as liquids and bottles are implemented separately to ensure patient’s safety.

ICU Dolphin 2-S2V1SV1: Single ICU Room Application

Suitable for large multiple ICU

ICU B25-DW: Multiple ICU beds settings

Application in NICU

ICU B30-2-V1V1DD-C: Application in NICU

Tailor To Your Needs

As technology evolves, it is essential to have integrated and cost-effective solution, Heal Force as your medical service partner, we support you through the entire way, so that you can continue to provide excellent medical care, without ever compromising on quality and safety.

  • Various features – Choice of modular and beams
  • Future proofed -Adding or removing drawers
  • Optimising space – Six dimensional built-in slots
  • Medical gas outlet optional German / British /America/Japanese/ French /Chinese standards.
  • Cutting-edge technologies and intelligent concepts – Integrated Hybrid option
  • Ambiance creator – LED light option enhance patient comfort and workspace utility.
Dolphin B30-V1H1: provides you with a choice of different lighting systems, an indirect working light, a reading and examination light or an indirect night light

We strive to provide the world with cost effective integrated medical equipment and solution possible!

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