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The infant incubator simulates the environment of the fetus in the uterus through scientific methods, which can create a constant temperature, constant humidity and noise-free development space for the newborn, and help the newborn and premature infant to adapt to the external environment smoothly after leaving the mother. Phototherapy is a commonly used and safe and effective method for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia.

There are many disadvantages in the traditional treatment of neonatal jaundice

Most of the traditional infant incubators do not have the function of blue light treatment, and the blue light lamp needs to be placed on the incubator cover during treatment. Due to the different product designs of different manufacturers, the placement of the blue light, the effective irradiation distance and area, and the connection of the power cord are all unsatisfactory. The redundant wiring will bring trouble to the daily work of medical staff, and it is easy to be stumped during inspections, sight and operation will also be obstructed during treatment.

The above picture shows the scene of traditional incubator with blue light for phototherapy

Innovate——Combine incubator and blue light therapy lamp in one

Infant incubators combined with blue light therapy come into being. Integrating the blue light lamp with the existing incubator is not only a simple addition of support arms and lamp heads, but also to consider the electrical safety and the design position of the lamp head of the bracket. It is required that on the basis of safe use, it does not interfere with the observation and treatment of medical staff, and does not affect the placement and use of other medical equipments.

Heal Force YXK-8502D infant incubator adopts a vertical long gooseneck arm design, and the control panel of the lamp is designed on the horizontal line of the top of the incubator cover, which can optimize the use space and improve the medical operation experience.

infant incubator
The picture above shows the blue light design of YXK-8502D infant incubator

LED light source, large and uniform irradiation area

According to the “Expert Consensus on the Principles of Diagnosis and Treatment of Neonatal Jaundice” issued by the Neonatal Group of the Pediatric Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, the standard phototherapy for the treatment of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia is 8-10 μW/(cm2•nm), and the strong phototherapy is more than 30 μW/ (cm2•nm). At the expected irradiation distance, the irradiance should at least meet the requirements of standard phototherapy.

Heal Force YXK-8502D infant incubator is equipped with a large blue light irradiation area, adopts LED cold light source, the wavelength range is 400-550nm, the light plate irradiation angle can be fine-tuned, and the light irradiation distance is relatively fixed at 530mm;

The LED multi-bulb light source used is better than traditional lamps in terms of uniform distribution of irradiance intensity and controllability of lamp irradiance intensity attenuation;

YXK-8502D infant incubator fully meets the requirements of “Expert Consensus on the Principles of Diagnosis and Treatment of Neonatal Jaundice” by controlling the irradiation angle, area and distance, and using appropriate LED light sources.

The therapeutic light intensity of YXK-8502D infant incubator can be digitally displayed by digital tube, and the level can be set as 0-99 stepless, which is convenient to adjust to the appropriate therapeutic intensity.

Blue light on both sides of the upper and lower sides, efficient yellowing

The YXK-8502D infant incubator is equipped with a lower blue light surface 45mm away from the bed surface. Through the transparent soft rubber pad, the upper and lower blue light can simultaneously treat neonatal patients with blue light.

The upper and lower double-sided blue light irradiation has large effective area and high intensity, good uniformity and yellowing effect, which can greatly shorten the treatment time and improve the bed turnover rate.

Individual differentiation and refined treatment

With the popularization of phototherapy methods, in addition to the treatment of jaundice, the stimulation of phototherapy to neonatal patients has also received widespread attention. In view of the side effects such as fever, rash, and diarrhea that are prone to occur in the treatment of jaundice with phototherapy, it is clinically proposed to use intermittent, short-term, and multi-frequency phototherapy to replace long-term fixed-direction phototherapy. A comparison of thousands of cases in multiple hospitals shows that the new method is better than the previous one.

YXK-8502D infant incubator has functions such as selective on/off of upper and lower double-sided phototherapy, setting time, calculating treatment time, etc., allowing doctors to flexibly adjust the illumination time, direction and intensity of different positions according to the individual situation of the neonatal patients. To achieve individual differentiation and refined treatment.

Technological care of newborns, Heal Force is committed to providing cost-effective digital neonatology overall solutions for medical and clinical care, and jointly promoting the development of neonatal medicine.

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