October 13th is World Thrombosis Day. World Thrombosis Day aims to increase public awareness of thrombotic diseases and to commemorate the theory of “thrombosis” —— Professor Rudolf Virchow, Germany.

Modern diet high in oil and sugar which is easily increase blood sugar and cholesterol.

High blood sugar, high blood fat and high cholesterol are causes of thrombosis.

We recommend you check their blood sugar and cholesterol status regularly in daily life.

Pay attention to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health.

Stay away from blood clots and other cardiovascular problems.

Heal Force

Blood glucose, uric acid and cholesterol analyzer

  • Heal Force launched three-in-one blood glucose, uric acid and cholesterol analyzer.
  • One machine with three functions, which can easily and quickly detect the above three key health values, and provide health management testing services for middle-aged and elderly people, patients with three highs and obese people.
  • Inserts automatically turn on, intelligently identify inspection items.
  • Quick value, convenient and fast.
  • Can store 200 groups of blood glucose records.
  • 50 sets of uric acid and cholesterol data.
  • Large storage capacity, continuous monitoring is more convenient.
  • Bluetooth transmission function, data connection to mobile phone

Pay attention to the physical condition of you and your family anytime, anywhere.

World Health Day, sharing a healthy sports life —— A4 finger clip oximeter

In October, the 83rd CMEF will be celebrated!

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