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By March 26,2020,COVID-19 pandemic has spread to more than 190 countries and regions,more than 17000 people have so far died of COVID-19.The COVID-19 pandemic has not only became the word’s largest health crisis ,but has triggered turbulence in the stock market of several countries, and has the potential to clause financial crisis.

Why we need biological safety cabinets

China, which has shown such success in containing the virus. The key to contain the virus is implement a system to find every suspected case at community level.

biological safety cabinets played a important role

Recently, Uzbekistan said they have developed its own PCR-Fluorescence Detection Kit. During Uzbekistan’s R&D,  biosafety cabinets played a important role . As we know, COVID-19 pandemic is high contagious. That is why biological safety cabinet is necessary. We need biological safety cabinet to protect the laboratory workers and the surrounding environment from pathogens.

Note: This picture comes from БиоТестЛаб,Uzbekistan.

Why they choosed Heal Force

Heal Force HFsafe LC biosafety cabinets set the standard in quality, design, and innovation that comes from a heritage of over 25 years experience.

Note: This picture comes from the press release of “CCTV Military — Huoshenshan Hospital’s nucleic acid testing laboratory is officially put into operation”

 At Heal Force we know how important it is to offer a high level of protection to operator, sample and environment with advanced technology.

Here is our Biological safety cabinet——HFsafe-1200LC

  • CFDA / NSF49 / EN12469-GS certification

  • Innovative single fan self-induced airflow speed control technology

  • Leading multiple micro airflow speed sensors for real-time monitoring and linkage control technology with blower

  • Patented filter life bar code indicator

  • Low-speed energy-saving operation mode

Heal Force leads you to healthier life.

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