The life science laboratory features a complex environment and many electronic instruments. In order to promote the circulation of laboratory information and data and improve the efficiency of experiments, Heal Force launched the Biolab laboratory IoT cloud platform solution, which integrates instrument operation monitoring, real-time data monitoring, and intelligent remote management, abnormal state alarm, and other functions help laboratory management to enter a new future of intelligence and efficiency!

Biolab IoT Cloud Platform

The Biolab IoT Cloud Platform is an application system that assists the management of various equipment in the laboratory. It can record the user’s laboratory equipment as a whole, dynamically monitor the use status of each piece of equipment in real-time, and display the dynamic changes of various experimental parameters provided by the operating equipment, giving early warning to abnormal parameters to realize the overall operational management of the equipment.

Heal Force IoT Cloud Platform

Advantages of the Solution

The laboratory IoT cloud platform is suitable for university scientific research institutions, biotechnology/clinical institutions, cell culture, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry, etc., and is suitable for matching with biological safety cabinets, CO2 incubators, centrifuges, water purification systems, PCR thermal cyclers, clean benches, low-temperature freezers and other different types of life science laboratory instruments for application. The laboratory instrument data network can be connected as a whole. At the same time, the platform can also monitor the working status of each instrument to improve laboratory safety.

Data is safe and reliable in the Cloud server

Biolab IoT Cloud Platform

Intelligent dynamic display monitoring

Continuous real-time monitoring of key parameters
Multiple alarm notifications such as SMS and email


No need for professional on-site installation, simple operation and maintenance
The system can be accessed in real time through the Internet of Things or mobile terminals
Support wifi/4G at the same time, adapt to different experimental environments

Open to other types of laboratory products
Open for different laboratory equipment brands

Functional Characteristics

Dynamically record key parameters

Monitor the real-time monitoring data transmitted by the currently connected device
And the service life of each consumable and equipment status information

Over-limit alarm

Maintain the alarm threshold and alarm strategy of the monitoring project through the collection of working data of the instrument
Support multiple alarms such as SMS and email

Data Recording

Can query the alarm and data failure information of each device
Support data export

Statistical report function

Can query the number of equipment use and the number of alarms in any period of time
Statistical reports can be exported for convenient laboratory management

User hierarchical management

Possess password authorization and user hierarchical management system
Different personnel have different permissions, providing users with a management platform

Visualized platform data

Display the overall usage of all equipment
Simultaneously monitor the data of multiple devices
Improve the accuracy of experimental projects and overall operating efficiency

The digital laboratory solution is a new breakthrough in the integration of laboratory instrument functions. Through digital Internet of Things technology, a laboratory information network can be formed, which greatly improves laboratory work efficiency. At the same time, it has a reliable safety management and control module, and timely alarms for abnormal data, which improves laboratory safety.

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