As the winter goes by,
Chinese New Year is approaching.
More and more people can’t help themselves
Indulging in the joy of barbecue and hot pot

health risk

But the thing to know is
Seemingly tasty “hot pot barbecue to warm your body”
In fact, there are potential health risks
Excess purines in hot pot soup, drinking in diet
May increase the risk of high blood sugar and gout

01 Be cautious with tonic in winter

Hot pot soup, animal offal, fish and seafood and other foods
Often contains excess purines
Large intakes may increase uric acid
Increase the risk of diseases such as gout

02 People with high blood sugar had better not drink alcohol

Spring Festival is drawing near
Naturally, you must have a drink when you eat
For people with high blood sugar and diabetes
Abnormal pancreas function itself
Alcohol promotes insulin secretion
Put a greater burden on the pancreas
So we kindly recommend
People with high blood sugar drink as little as possible

03 Keep Warm

Large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in winter
People wear and take off their jackets frequently when going in and out
While the sudden change in temperature
And factors such as a rapid increase in blood sugar and uric acid content after eating
May affect the cardiovascular system
Increase the risk of gout and cardiovascular disease
More attention needs to be paid to keep warm and add clothes in time in winter

Don’t forget to pay attention to your health while enjoying the delicacies. We suggest that you can prepare a blood glucose, uric acid and cholesterol analyzer at home to quickly grasp your own important health indicators and help you live a healthier life.

This little meter can provide blood glucose, uric acid, and cholesterol testing for middle-aged and elderly people, patients with three highs, and obese people. As Chinese New Year is approaching, bear in mind that pay attention to the three key health values frequently, and do a good job in family chronic disease management.

Blood sugar, uric acid, cholesterol
Three health indicators with one machine

Intelligently identificating test items with quick output
IOT technology: Bluetooth connection to mobile phones
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