The term Suboptimal Health Status (SHS) or Sub-Health” is getting more familiar to everyone, which is a critical state between health and disease, or grey state of health. Nowadays people are under great stress, and they rely on short breaks during holidays to adjust their physical conditions. But often they don’t get enough rest and it is difficult to become refreshed. The body in a sub-healthy state is more likely to suffer from chronic diseases under long-term overload operation.


Manifestation and Harm of Sub-Health State

1 Physical Aspect

In a sub-health state, people are often prone to fatigue, and they feel physically weak along with muscle and joint soreness, facing problems such as insomnia, colds, and loss of appetite.

2 Spiritual Aspect

The influence of the sub-health state on mental aspects is mainly manifested in the short-term memory decline and difficulty in concentrating. People still have difficulty regaining their energy, become depressed, irritable, unresponsive.

3 Sub-Health Hazards

Long-term unhealthy lifestyles and high-load physical conditions of sub-healthy people will cause greater damage to the heart, brain, blood vessels, spleen, stomach, and liver. Many chronic diseases develop from sub-health conditions, including hypertension, coronary heart disease, fatty liver, etc.


The core solution to sub-health problems is “pre-treatment”. Sub-healthy people and patients with chronic diseases should always pay attention to their own health status and conduct regular health tests and assessments to prevent them in advance instead of treating them after the illness.

Smart Home Medicine Kit Box

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The number of chronic disease patients in my country is massive and the crowd tends to be younger. In 2012, the prevalence of hypertension in China over 18 years old reached 25.2%. Despite that the comprehensive prevention are gruadully strengtnened year by year, the situation is still severe. We recommend that everyone pay more attention to their own health, get rid of sub-health, manage chronic diseases, and enjoy a healthier life.

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